Boshan Liuli glass history
God is Boshan Yen yesterday . Boshan Yen God is a continuation and development. Glass product called material goods. People were engaged in firing glass , said Tinker . From about Yuanmomingchu began to rise from the glass industry . Ming . Jiaqing " Qingzhou " records Glass is a town of Yan Emperor Kangxi of God "Yan Chi Town God " and Qianlong . " Boshan County," many documented Boshan glass products !
China has a long history of ancient glass art , at least in the Warring States era has been able to manufacture glass. In ancient times, glass has been called the glass . Today, when the word is used to refer to the modern glass artists glass art , in fact , it is the expression of the ancient traditions of an identity .
China is one of the world's first glass origin. But for a long time, glass art in China seems to have been forgotten , this technique fails to pass along . Success of modern glass techniques is the glory of the nation , from the Chinese glass among the international art of the forest.
With artificial crystal glass as raw material . Lost wax casting method to manufacture the art. Production process through dozens of carefully hand operation to complete, a little negligence can result in failure or defect. China Glass is the ancient Chinese culture and the perfect combination of modern art , its bright colors , changing magnificent , delicate Orientals , delicate , subtle manifestation of the thoughts and feelings and art mix .
Use PATE-DE-VERRE crystal powder wax casting technique as the basic skills to create glass handicrafts, delicate and sophisticated division of labor requires a lot of patience . First, from conceptual design , through the molding, filling plaster , wax off , high-temperature grown up , after processing 14 cumbersome process to complete, one of which is characterized by a mold can be fired only one product , but also in the production process in each process are uncertain variables , you must have a very skilled superb operating skills , meticulous, rigorous to complete. The slightest mistake , you fall short , come to naught. Devoting himself to such a work was born.