Coloured Glaze Vase
Coloured Glaze Vase
About Boshan Liuli Glass
" Emerald pearl agate , amber glass street ." Luxury glass is evident , the origin of the glass , which is the first discovered by the alchemists . Ancient alchemists to a wide variety of stone into Dan furnace , fantasy elixir of immortality can be condensed out , there is a road named Shen who found the dolphin irregular luminous object in the ballast Dan furnace , there the shining brilliantly, and some colorful , so the way the applicant will dedicate its monarch . Deception monarch said it was the elixir , on the indoor one can ward off evil spirits , two can live forever , when the monarch for the first time to see such a twinkling light, it believed, was highly valued . To pay tribute to the monarch and glazed specified later.
Boshan Glass Introduction
Thus , glass production began , due to limitations of glass production technology and raw materials , since ancient times, has only Beijing and Boshan two workshops . Boshan begin mass production of glass in the Tang Dynasty , the Ming Dynasty shape. Ming Dynasty , Xu Ying furnace line launched on New Year's furnace was built temples, worship the Goddess to bless glass production boom. Yanshan Gong in 1983 in the city's Red Gate Park established the first glass museum , ladies and visitors can enjoy the Boshan glass from a long history and splendid culture. In glass products, curd is the most common , children often play pinball is a small glass flower . Another relief chromatic glass art ware , beautiful and unique, unique. Especially yellow chanterelles carved vases , stationery, etc. , the " Topaz " reputation. Others, such as bracelets, material beads, flower holder , hanging bottles, wire and other jewelry shop , both foreign and Chinese Minority favorite . Painted pots are unique Boshan art glass crafts style , someone with " really big sleeve heaven and earth , sun and moon do cover the pot ," the poem praise , interested visitors may choose to shop at the last one as a souvenir of the trip .