squirrel teapot
squirrel teapot
Product Name: squirrel teapot
Code: VAG0224
Size: 270×170×160mm
A teapot for tea and a tea utensils used with the mouth. Teapot is an important part of the tea is mainly used to make tea, but also directly with a small teapot to make tea and Sheng tea drinking alone discretion. Teapot by the lid, steel body, Hudi, Quanzu four-part lid with holes, buttons, seat covers and other details. Expensive, mouth, extension (lip wall), mouth, stream, abdomen, shoulder, the (handle, pull) and other components. Due to the pot, cover, bottom, nuances shaped teapot basic form, there are nearly 200 species. When tea, tea teapot size depends on how many persons may be. Teapot texture many more are currently using purple clay pot or porcelain teapot.