Forecast spring Teapot
Forecast spring
Product Name: Forecast spring
Code: VAG0041
Size: 125×75×100mm
In addition to large, small, deep, shallow, the teapot is the most attention: "Three Mountains Qi", which is the most important criterion tasting pot is good or bad. Approach is: go after the teapot lid cover is placed on the table (the best is a very flat glass), if the pot drip nozzle, spout, handle pot put all three levels, is the "three mountains together," the. This is related to the level and quality of the pot, so the most attention. "Old" is mainly to see the plot into a pot
Qing porcelain teapot
The "tea leaves" amount, in front have said that. Of course, the "old" word stress, there are many, such as what dynasty produced, how ancient history, what made ​​master craftsman, after what the judge had so famous. But that is not the problem with the general teapot, but are playing an antique problem.