Calyx canthus
Calyx canthus
Product Name: Calyx canthus
Code: VAG0043
Size: 120×55×95mm
Select the teapot, good or bad standards word tactic, saying:. "Small, shallow, Qi, old" teapot has two tanks, three tanks, four cans respectively. To Meng Chen, iron painting Hin, autumn garden, garden statue, hills, and other manufactured Yuan Xisheng most cherished. Many style pot, a small, such as oranges, big like mandarin who have
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Melon-shaped, persimmon-shaped, diamond, drum-shaped, plum-shaped, hexagonal, chestnut-shaped ...... and so on, and more generally with the drum, whichever is deep and it is also correct. Pot color there are many, cinnabar, ancient iron, maroon, purple, yellow stone, azure ...... so, there is a flashing expensive, silver sand, Zhu numerous tablets, vulgar that the pumping of sand by the skin, the most precious . But no matter the style, how to color, the most important is "should be small not big, not deep Yi Qian," not because of the big "something" was. So with a large teapot, teapot, tea drum sieve tea, tea stalls ...... so red tea, even with one hundred yuan twelve of tea, can not be regarded Gongfu. As the depth of the relationship between odor, light can taste wine, to taste, not water, so it is not easy to change astringent tea.