bamboo teapot
bamboo teapot
Product Name: bamboo teapot
Code: VAG0226
Size: 230×130×145mm
Glass, glass or ancients called flow liuli, is actually a colored translucent minerals. Tea made ​​of this material , and to give people a bright color, brilliant sense of . China 's liuli production technology, while an early start , but until the Tang Dynasty, with the increase in cultural exchange , constantly incoming Western liuli 's , China began firing liuli tea . Shaanxi Fufeng Famen Temple unearthed by Xizong plain ring foot worship yellow liuli tea cup and saucer plain yellow liuli is authentic Chinese liuli tea , although the shape of the original , simply decorated , remarkable texture mix , low transparency , but show that China 's Tang Dynasty tea liuli already started, at the time called a precious thing. Yuan Zhen Tang Dynasty poetry was praised liuli, said it was "colored with ice , no matter compartment free of dust . Elephant feast unseen , Humphreys will jade ." No wonder the Tang Dynasty in the Famen Temple pagoda Fogu relic worship , worship will also be included liuli tea things . Song , China's unique high lead liuli appliance after another. Million, while that of the larger liuli workshop in Shandong and Xinjiang . Kangxi in Beijing also opened a court liuli plant, but since the Song to Qing , although liuli device production , and the worth of luxury , but more to produce liuli artwork based, only a small amount of tea products, tea has not formed liuli scale production .
In modern times, with the rise of the glass industry , glass tea soon rise , this is because the texture of transparent glass , glossy , gorgeous, plasticity, and therefore , it is made ​​with tea and shapes , versatility , combined with low prices, buy convenience , and by tea praise. Among the many glass tea in a glass cup is the most common , with its tea, tea color, pretty tea and tea brewing ups and downs in the process of moving , panoramic view , therefore , for making all sorts of delicate famous tea , tasting the most value , home hospitality , after all, a good tea utensils . But glass cup crisp, easily broken , than ceramic hot, fly in the ointment . Modern glass tea has been a great development, texture, transparent glass , glossy , gorgeous, shape plasticity, shapes, wide range of uses.