When to return Crafts gift industry dominance
When to return Crafts gift industry dominance
    Gifts & Crafts category is part of , and is a branch of the gift industry . Gifts for its handicrafts and natural attributes is both a work of art , it is a culture , technology, emotion Trinity merchandise. Craft industry 's history can be traced back to thousands of years ago , while the beginning of the birth of nature crafts for gifts purpose is . So gifts just a branch of the gift industry , but should be regarded as the basis for the early development of the gift industry , beginning in the gift industry , which occupies a dominant position. Later, with the development of society, people's living standards improve, along with a variety of gift needs evolve, more and more rich category as a gift , gifts will gradually become a branch.
If practical gifts to meet the people's material needs, let Shouli in the process of using the gift giver feel the careful help, caring and thoughtful care of the emotional and even , then the gifts are to meet the spiritual needs of people with more direct feel and touch .
The demand characteristics, reflects from one side , gifts Consumption and consumer attitudes and consumption levels people have great relationships . People significantly improve the level of consumption , changes in consumer attitudes , such as from the material to the spiritual needs of the changing needs of these spending on gifts will be a great impetus .
Culture is the basis for the design of gifts . Ever since the cultural past with the future of human civilization was able to land inheritance and development. Gifts only contains rich culture that has the vitality , it is worth tasting , spread, can be called immortal creation. Art not only of culture and culture together with the giver carries emotion, express feelings completed gifts , communicative relationship , increasing the need for friendship, or mission , so the gifts are preferred Chuanqingdayi , cultural , artistic carrier, this exactly matches the gift of nature - Chuanqingdayi carrier.
Overall, there are return gifts gift industry dominance has some foundation and impetus.
People on the gift of creativity and practicality of growing demand , the advantages of the traditional gifts gradual loss , whether it is for the individual consumer or business Jicai , with individual elements of the gift seems to be increasingly popular. Home textiles, small appliances are popular gifts , digital electronic gifts and one after another, then gifts when it can return to the gift industry dominance it ? We have people say three years , some say five years , or even longer , specifically how , we can only wait and see.
Accelerate the return of gifts gift industry dominance , gifts from various companies need to start work :
First, strengthen practical gifts .
Second, to strengthen the cultural connotation of gifts .
Third, strengthen the gifts of creative design .
The general requirement should be: as a leader in the design , market- oriented, nationalization , branding, environmental protection as the basis, relying on regional characteristics , and strive to meet all levels of consumer demand , the times, exploration and innovation, gradually out of a culture with its own characteristics with rich colors craft gift industry development.