What works of art are good on antique shelves
Bogu frame has great advantages as a partition element. In recent years, it has been deeply loved by owners. Bogu frame can not only partition the space, but also can place many cultural relics with classical art, which can enhance the cultural atmosphere of the entire living room. The following introduces several playthings with oriental classical colors, so that you no longer worry about what to put on the Bogu shelf.
What to put in the bogu rack
1. Jade, ceramics
Jade and ceramics, presumably most owners will choose to purchase one or two pieces on the Bogu shelf. Good jade and ceramics are full of the sense of the times, crystal clear materials, and flawless texture. Carefully select the high-quality ones. Placed on the Bogu shelf can definitely demonstrate the aesthetic standards of the protagonist.
2. Modern art
Although modern artworks are not as heavy as jade and ceramics, they are generally unique in shape and easier to attract people's attention. Choosing darker colors can make up for the lack of texture. When choosing, pay attention to the overall artwork. The style should be chosen in the direction of stability, generosity and classicism.
3. Thread-bound book
Thread binding is a technique for book binding, which appeared in the middle of the Ming Dynasty. A set of Chinese classical classics thread-bound books are placed on the Bogu shelf, which not only shows the proprietor’s cultural accomplishment, but also complements and complements other playthings with classical beauty on the Bogu shelf. When buying, you should buy wooden bookends at the same time, and arrange the thread-bound books neatly instead of laying them flat on the bogu shelf.
4. Red wine
The appearance of red wine on the Bogu rack may be slightly inconsistent with the oriental beauty, but a bottle of old mellow red wine paired with a metallic wine rack can perfectly match the oriental beauty to show the owner’s broad vision and uniqueness Appreciative vision. If you are still hesitating what to put on the Bogu rack, you can't go wrong when choosing red wine.
5. Complete tea set
Chinese tea culture has a long history. Drinking tea can not only cultivate one's morality, cultivate sentiment, but also make friends and appreciate the good and bad together. As an important carrier of tea culture, tea set also has a long history. A good tea set has the beauty of oriental art. Whether it is ceramics, silver, or lacquer, it reveals a rich cultural atmosphere. As the so-called tea party, a set of high-quality tea sets may help owners make mentors and friends. It is also a good choice to place the tea set on the Bogu shelf.
The furnishings on the Bogu shelf can be changed according to the owner's personality preferences. The Bogu shelf owned by people of different styles can be said to be very different. The above several common ornaments have their own merits, but they can be placed together to create a unique sense of beauty. Not only Eastern and Western ceramics, red wine, but also ancient and modern books and handicrafts, all these objects have a profound humanistic atmosphere. I believe you no longer worry about what to put on the Bogu shelf.