What traditional art throughout China
Chinese calligraphy, carving, Chinese knot, Beijing Opera facial makeup, Chinese Liuli, shadow play, imitation terracotta device, Peach Blossom Fan, cloisonne, jade, Chinese lacquer, red lanterns (lanterns, Shadeng), four treasures, paper cutting, kite, dragon and phoenix patterns (taotie, Ruyi, thunder pattern, paper, bar lines), cloud patterns, embroidery, pottery, teapot, batik, Chinese porcelain, paintings, Dunhuang frescoes, lions, flying, couplets, goalkeeper, paintings, bonsai, palm-leaf fan, the Tang suit, embroidered shoes, tiger toed shoes, dress, apron, figurines figurines, bronze mirrors, hookahs, snuff bottles, cages, longevity lock, buzzard, Melaleuca, embroidery, silk, clay figurines, candy man, pigeon post, hair art, hair embroidery, cloth , dermabrasion, finger painting, embroidery insole, embroidered pillow, purse, sachet, flower bread, food carving, ice sculpture, embroidery, golden, Suzhou gardens, the throne room, pavilion, the Marco Polo Bridge, arch bridge and so on.