What is the trick to tell the difference between crystal and ordinary glass
 Pure and transparent crystal, with its beautiful and free from vulgarity temperament attracted more and more people's favor, jade-like stone through it shines in every corner, now on the market in addition there are a lot of artificial imitation of natural crystal, the average person will easily when buying crystal crystal glass of the same confusion, so how to distinguish the common glass and crystal? Here are a few tips:
1 listen: with the middle finger, the sound of ordinary glassware is more stuffy "pop" sound, and the sound of crystal vessels is more fragile, is with metal sound "dangdang" sound, the higher the hardness of the crystal, the louder the sound.
2. Luster: compared with the sunlight, the seven-color light refracted by high-quality crystal is bright in color, and the transition light is very natural and rich. The color of the refraction of glass is often incomplete and relatively dull. Its diaphaneity is compared below natural light, high grade crystal diaphaneity is tall, show the white of glittering and translucent, and common glass or impure crystal can hair yellow or miscellaneous have cyan.
3. Decorative pattern: for the crystal with the same color, the higher the manual delicacy of decorative pattern is, the more detailed and complicated the decorative pattern is formed on the small area, and the higher the value is. Touch with the hand, the surface of manual pattern has the rough feeling of prick hand, and the surface of mechanism pattern is smooth.
4. Use: because the hardness of crystal is much higher than ordinary glass, long-term use often won't stain, and the glass used repeatedly for a long time, it is very easy to scratch and surface stain. After distinguishing clear, what you want to do is careful check product whole whether intact, the exterior has blemish blemish, the surface is smooth and meticulous.
The maintenance of the crystal is very simple, as long as in time after the use of clean water or use a semi-wet cloth to wipe the topsoil on the line; And the topsoil on those cabinet crystal adorn article, need to blow only and need not wipe decontamination, in order to prevent crystal surface to rise hair. Additional, because the hardness of crystal is bigger, tenacity is lesser, suffer heavy bump to be broken easily, because this wants to avoid knock against as far as possible when using at ordinary times. Should also pay attention to avoid the use of alkaline, acidic and alcoholic cleaning agent, so as to avoid corrosion, such as ashtray utensils should also reduce the time of heat, so as to avoid oxidation damage.