What is the Liuli

The popular the Liuli title, is essentially a variety of colors for artificial crystal (containing 24% lead oxide) as the raw materials, crystal glass of high-temperature sintering of lost wax casting method, because of refraction high like natural crystal wasknown as the Crystal Glass. International Liuli artists are happy to itself Glass Artist.
Liuli of features
A complicated production: from conception, design, sculpture, firing, small repair, grinding to the work completed, subject to forty-seven delicate and tedious manual processes to complete.
Handmade: workers must master technical skills in order to operation, each process has its own uncertain variables required in the process, after repeated experiments, works of color without a similar production extremely difficult.
A product of a mold: a mold can only be fired piece, you can not use the second large and complex works even need to repeatedly open the mold, fired in order to complete. Low success rate, so that works more valuable.
Fired at high temperatures: the selection of raw materials made of a high temperature above 1400 ℃ melting various colored crystal glass, and after a number of selected cleaning materials ratio, according to the work placed in the mold, and set strict l cooling curve, the furnace temperature must be controlled at 1000 ° C ± 5 ° C or less. During firing up to 15 days or more, Crystal accurate to every detail is required to ensure that works fine and delicate, elegant streamline.