What is meaning of sending a gift Liuli crystal ?
The moral of the green variety of colors Liuli - security and peace on behalf of peace, life and happiness ; beneficial to establish a good relationship with people , can strengthen the courage and melted deliberate exclusion of others . A powerful purification function , can relieve toothache and throat tracheal aspects of the problems . Suitable for frequent travelers and people who like to travel .
Purple Liuli - can raise IQ and EQ aphrodisiac . Behalf of the noble , elegant and progress ; conducive to improve their existing condition , enhance self-confidence . There suppress the function of human desires , has a protective effect on the cardiovascular system . Can help love and career success , can be used as tokens of love or the celebration of a transparent ( white ) color Liuli - Buddhism boundless , it is appropriate to strengthen the vitality and supporter nursing home vitality , keep optimistic attitude, represents purity , fresh and brisk ; evil spirits to ward off evil , the whole body can eliminate negative environmental impact , reducing damage to the body , maintain a pleasant attitude. Supporter , diseases does not invade ; nursing home, Baidu Bu in. Is a source of happiness happy to give life .
Blue Liuli - can Auspicious can bring good luck , on behalf of clean, quiet and comfortable ; can reduce stress, emotional stability , to improve their popularity , to make more friends . For bones, kidneys and headaches have powerful healing force. Suitable for all need good luck man.
Amber Liuli - should urge financial is a symbol of power and wealth , on behalf of the bright , gentle and innovation ; able to help others projected energy authority , to strengthen people 's decisive force , the cause of the take-off has a great effect, can improve the nervous system . Suitable are struggling , eager to succeed.
Purple and blue - the main in-depth exchanges , along with smooth , purple and white - peace + good mood White is the symbol of purity , and purple with even more inside and outside is bright, elegant , slightly noticeable squeamish . Is attractive representative , faint aroma Qinru people, have memory effect , which means that the feelings of the priceless and unforgettable love .
Purple and green - transformation fortune , and strengthen cooperation on behalf of life, green and purple with a Auspicious functions , each has a powerful resonance energy unifying role , to a certain extent, improve their own destiny Amber and blue - career strongly urge financial pastel , on behalf of perseverance and faith , improve response capacity . On behalf of a successful career , wealth boundless.
Amber and white - the official transport fiscal reminder with the king and noble temperament , eliminating fatigue, control their emotions , to stimulate people's memory , the main enrichment .
Liuli as Buddhist Qibao crown, since ancient times , said Lucky evil spirits . Legend has it that 493 BC Duzao Excalibur Fan Li Yue discovered when , Fan Li visited craftsmen, this is a matter to create fine jewelry and as Dingqingzhiwu sent to beauty , which is the earliest Liuli legend jewelry. Different from the Western sectional crystal light sanding, days Mania ancient Liuli is crystal glass as raw material, oriental culture baptism, piece by piece mold baked artwork, mineral elements and firing process due to the different product Liuli piece is different, so the wearer exclusive style , not with the Commander ! Gorgeous Liuli, dignified in revealing soft , moist floating in scenery , perhaps , that is the more the doctor and the legendary beauty of love witness ...... days Mania ancient Liuli process is extremely demanding, very complicated pre- molding , the mold extremely demanding requirements are : expensive colored crystals fired body after molding in the mold cooling step , at least in the furnace to stay on for 9 days. Meanwhile melt flow of liquid colored lens is difficult to control , but because of this , there came a unique color but have a unified style Liuli works .