What are the special products of all countries in the world
Japan -- kimono, fashion DU, handbags, magnetic zhi chain.
Korea -- ginseng, fur coats, toys
Philippine DAO -- Silver ware, jewelry, woodcarving, handicrafts, dried mango.
Thailand -- Crocodile, seafood, coconut sugar, beef jerky, pork jerky.
Singapore -- Chicken dry, air repellent.
Malaysia -- Kites, batik, cardamom oil, durian cream.
Indonesia -- seafood, bird's nest, woodcarving, printing, cowhide.
India -- Gems, carpets.
United Kingdom -- Antiques, crockery, flannelette at London Airport.
The Netherlands -- Flower markets, ceramics, diamonds, wooden shoes, windmills in Amsterdam.
Vatican City - Postal vehicles next to St. Peter's Cathedral buy commemorative stamps, relics, and silver COINS.
Italy - Shopping for leather clothing, fashion, leather shoes, silk in the Spanish squares of Rome.
Germany -- Beer mugs, woodcuts, camera accessories, Herdsman scissors.
Belgium -- Buy fine hand-woven lace, diamonds, tapestries in The Place du Brussels.
France -- Shop for perfume, cosmetics, wine and fashion in the neighborhood of the Opera House in the Second and second arrondissement.
Czech -- Crystal, glass, leather.
Switzerland - Clocks, cross swords, music boxes, chocolates, toys.
Austria -- Decorative woodcuts, leather products, crystals, hand-made fabrics.
Australia -- kangaroo toys, dried abalone, koala bears.
New Zealand -- Carving, wool products.
North America:
United States -- American ginseng, frozen seafood, frozen lobster slices, souvenirs.
Hawaii -- Hawaiian straw hats, seashells, woodcuts, necklaces.
Canada - Frozen salmon, fur coats, Toronto woodcuts, Vancouver Indian crafts.