The vase of Feng Shui
The vase of Feng Shui
Vase flower arrangement is used, each shaped vase decorated with various types of acts home. Want to know the vase of feng shui it? In beautify their homes while feng shui for their own transport, take a look at the following article now!
Put a vase of feng shui knowledge
1, the home of the vase is Feng Shui stress, can not be placed sadly colorless plastic spent inside. Gardening is the gate very particular about things, can smell the flowers is a happy thing too! If you want to put plastic bottles to spend, you need to choose bright colors, but also the need to maintain daily cleaning, so as to urge Wang peach roses placed in the bedroom if it is to make your development more LOVE well it!
2, the home needs to be noted that the vase vase color, can not be too bright, the bottle design can not be too exaggerated, the size of the vase should be moderate. Best colors are elegant vase color, can have beneficial effects reminder Wang peach.
3, home vase placement should be based on five elements:
Five XIAO friends can choose the vase in the West;
Five friends wooden vases placed Shaw can choose in the East;
Five friends vases placed Shaw water can be selected in the north;
Five fire friend vases placed Shaw can choose in the South;
Five friends vases placed Shaw soil can choose in the center.
4, according to the five elements Chinese zodiac vase colors to choose to be, as follows:
Pig, Rat Shaw: bluish vase.
Monkey, Rooster, Dog Shaw friends: big mouth round vase;
Snake, Chaumat, Xiao Yang friends: dark dark vase;
Ox, Xiao Long, Xiao rabbit friend: clear crystal vase.
Living room vase placed feng shui
First, pay attention to the living room vase placed feng shui
1, the vase in the living room windowsill Wang Peach
If you are single and want to get rid of a single, you can put a bottle of flowers in front of the living room windowsill, so you can provoke peach.
2, living room vase placed peace auspicious
Vase "bottle" word of peace "Ping" homonym. Home or business are suitable for display. Vase placed at home on behalf of his family safe. The company put in a vase, on behalf of employee health.
3, the living room has a space the size of the vase decision
Vases feng shui a lot of stress, according to the size of the room is the size of Thematic be, in short, a small space with a large vase suitable for large space is not suitable for display in a small vase. The one of a harmonious and beautiful layout, and secondly the role of feng shui will develop in the opposite direction.
4, the position and orientation of the living room placed vase relationship
Containers of different shapes respond placed in the appropriate direction in order to produce good visual schedule. West or north-west, such as glass vases, should be placed in the living room of the north star vase placed in the living room, and a tapered vase should be placed in the south living room, ceramic vases should be placed in the living room of the southwest or northeast.
Second, the living room vase placed feng shui taboos
1, living room vase avoid smelly water
Living room vase of flowers inserted generally preferred to keep the water clean. If you're too lazy to care can put only water. If the water is not clean, not only would not achieve the decorative effect, but also bring air pollution to home.
2. Avoid wilted flower vase
Placed in the living room vase, the flowers wither if direct throw away, otherwise it will affect the visual effects. Moreover, the living room is a place to share, if placed flowers wither, it will affect the mood of people in the living room. Living room decorated with withered flowers, will also affect the living room of the gas field.
3, living room and placed in a vase and five yellow big bullring evil evil bit
If it is green vase placed in the "Bull evil" position, the home will be more tongue; if red vase placed in the "sick character" "Five Yellow big evil" position tends to family illness and even lead to close ominous disaster.
What Feng Shui exquisite vase
Vase is a family common arrangement, there is no tube vase is what shape, color, and no pipe giant box Pei has not stuck on the bottle cap is even bitter type of flowers, or even just paper flowers, all play a face decorated home effect. So what Feng Shui exquisite vase? How the vase is a good place?
A lot of people play unloading Ha placed flowers in their homes, there are flowers on the course, no less will have a more sudden vase settle its value in the vase, mascot of feng shui is often used, as is common Household face decorated flat explosion so feng shui Kyrgyzstan gas in the invisible, others do not feel easy to close. I never had, in fact, not be casually put a vase, put a flower, you can recruit Ji benefit, but also depending on how the pendulum, how the pendulum, the pendulum began to benefit from feng shui, feng shui is easy to put the wrong move disaster.
Vase not only a vase of "bottle" and the word "flat" homonym, the vase placed in the home or in the company, the "peace" means. If the vase placed in the position of the peach, there is a trick Peach results. Peach in your position placing a vase of flowers into the water plug can be pushed peach. In terms of geomancy, in accordance with the origin of time is not the same, with no Laicui vase with peach.
Put a vase of position should be in accordance with the position of the room to determine if it is green vase placed in the "Bull evil" position, the home of the tongue will be more; if red vase placed in the "sick character" "Five Yellow big evil" position easily family illness and even lead to close so fierce disaster. "Ping" homonyms, homes and companies vase "bottle" character and are suitable for display. Here talked about a ceramic vase is based, it does not contain lacquerware, pottery and antiques. Vase is a symbol of harmony, placed at home vase can increase the chance of love. The best selection of ceramic or porcelain vases, and never had broken vase must not be used, it will move spicy peach trees.
Be sure to put the flowers in a vase, if not remember to buy flowers, no vase to put in the living room, still empty vase will lead to Taohua Jie, and is likely to be taken in fiscal Pianse presents things. Vase often used to urge peach.
Has reached marriageable age, but not the right thing, you can enhance this effect peach round face, this should not follow the same zodiac, with the pendulum method made no specific circle method as follows: zodiac, rat, dragon, You can circle the room at home or due west of the vase, and plug in seven flowers; zodiac, chickens, cattle, home or room can put a vase south circle, and plug 9 flowers; zodiac, horse, dog, can house or room round vase east, and plug two flowers; north circular zodiac, rabbits, sheep, home or room can put a vase of flowers and plug 6.
Vase of flowers must be the flowers, this romantic encounters with a reminder from the ability to plug in paper flowers or plastic flowers, no single and empty vase of flowers is not inserted the same nature, and the gas does not complicated, not easy to provoke anti-liang peach. Home symbolizes a vase placed. The best flowers in a vase insert and into the water, too lazy to care people can put only water.
Note that the water must adhere to clean, insert the flowers wither once would throw away. Vase not have to put in the windowsill, unless you do not mate. In feng shui gardening container shape is also very particular about not coping with the shape of the container should be placed in the appropriate circle to circle to the admission good visual cues. A glass vase should be placed in a residential north, spherical vases should be placed in the west or northwest of residence, should be placed in the southern cone vases house, ceramic vases should be placed in a residential southwest or northeast.