The composition of the various " glass "

The composition of the various " glass "
(1) Glass (Na2SiO3, CaSiO3, SiO2 or of Na2O · CaO · 6SiO2)
(2) glass, quartz glass (pure quartz as the main raw material composition only SiO2)
(3) tempered glass (ordinary glass composition)
(4) potassium glass (K2O, CaO, SiO2)
(5) borate glass (SiO2, B2O3)
(6) colored glass (ordinary glass manufacturing process, adding some metal oxides. Cu2O - red; of CuO - blue-green; of CdO - pale yellow; CO2O3 - blue; Ni2O3 - dark green; MnO2 was - purple; colloid Au - red; colloidal Ag - yellow)
(7) color glass (oxides of rare earth elements as a senior colored glass coloring agent)
(8) optical glass (ordinary borosilicate glass raw materials, adding a small amount of light-sensitive material, such as AgCl, AgBr, and then add a small amount of the sensitizer, such as CuO, the glass becomes more light sensitive)
(9) Rainbow glass (ordinary glass material in a lot of fluoride is made of a small amount of the sensitizer and bromide)
(10) protective glass (ordinary glass manufacturing process by adding the appropriate supporting material, it has to prevent the intense light, heat or radiation to protect the personal safety of the function. Grey - dichromate, iron oxide absorbs ultraviolet and part of visible light; blue and green - nickel oxide, ferrous oxide absorb infrared and some visible light; lead glass - lead oxide to absorb the X-ray and r-ray; dark blue - dichromate, ferrous oxide, iron oxide absorption ultraviolet, infrared and visible light; added cadmium oxide and boron oxide to absorb neutrons.
(11) glass-ceramic (also known as crystal glass or glass ceramic is made of gold, silver, copper and other nuclei in the ordinary glass instead of stainless steel and precious stones, for radomes and missile first class).
(12) glass fiber (from molten glass to pull into or blown a few microns to several thousand microns in diameter fiber, composition, and glass)
(13) glass (ie, long glass fiber)
(14) glass fiber reinforced plastic (intensity similar to that obtained by the epoxy resin and glass fiber composite steel reinforced plastic.)
(15) cellophane (made of viscose solution transparent cellulose film)
(16) aqueous solution of sodium silicate (Na2SiO3), named for the same part of the ordinary glass composition)
(17) metallic glass (glassy metal, usually rapid cooling of molten metal in the system)
(18) Fluorite () (colorless transparent CaF2, the prism used for optical instruments and light microscopy)
(19) Plexiglas (polymethyl methacrylate)
Note: (14) - (19) for the type of glass.