The characteristics of Chinese folk arts and crafts
Harmony. Traditional Chinese artistic thoughts attach importance to the relationship between people and things, use and beauty, style and quality, form and god, heart and hand, material and art, and advocate "harmony" and "appropriateness". The pursuit of the ideal state of "harmony" and "appropriateness" makes Chinese arts and crafts show a high degree of harmony. The appearance of the material form and the connotation of the spiritual meaning of harmony and unity, the practicality and aesthetic harmony and unity, the perceptual relationship and the rational standard of harmony and unity, material technology and the meaning of the carpenter structure of harmony and unity.
(2) symbolic. Chinese technological thought has always attached great importance to the influence of creation on ethics and morality. It emphasizes the connection between the sensual pleasure of the object and the emotional satisfaction of the aesthetics, and at the same time requires the connection to conform to the ethics. Subject to strong ethical consciousness, traditional Chinese crafts usually contain specific meanings, which are often symbolically compared with ethical and moral concepts by means of shapes, volumes, scales, colors or decorations. This symbolic pursuit often reduced the palace or literati arts and crafts to the display of pure ethical and moral concepts, resulting in the damage of the mantras or the efficacy of the object. In contrast, more of the producer's own utilitarian will as a symbol of the connotation of the folk arts and crafts appears to be vigorous and vigorous.
(3) flexibility. Chinese craft thought advocates the unity of mind and matter, requiring "handy", "the quality of the body, the text like Yin and Yang", so that the main human life spirit in the creation of the full embodiment. Chinese traditional craft creations have always maintained an s-shaped structure paradigm in shape and decoration. This structural paradigm is full of the rhythm of life and the sense of continuous movement, which makes the Chinese craft and creations change actively and ethereal in the process of standardization.
(4) nature. Chinese technological thought attaches great importance to the natural quality of technological materials, and advocates "material management" and "art applied due to material", and requires "shape of phase and material, and application of quality". Traditional Chinese arts and crafts always respect the specification of materials in modeling or decoration, and make full use of or reveal the natural beauty of materials. This kind of outstanding artisan makes the Chinese craft creation has the natural and innocent, the tranquil and elegant interest and the sentiment.
(5) craftsmanship. It is a consistent tradition of Chinese arts and crafts to lay emphasis on the processing technology. Rich creation practice bring to the attention of the craftsman to the books on the aesthetic effect, and consciously in the two different types of interest to the pursuit of aesthetic ideal of ancient books realm: the trace of sedulous carve it imperceptibly of ancient books, and enjoy the chase of micro poor absolute Hui books on sex.