Relationship between Buddhism and science Psychology
User: I studied psychology, how you look at Buddhism and psychology.
    Master Xue Cheng: Buddhist psychology psychology can only be considered the most elementary, the most talked about psychology, "subconscious," "unconscious" at most only our sixth consciousness, the seventh consciousness, we also talk about the eighth consciousness.
    Friends: I am just getting started with Buddhism soon, from my point of view the current understanding of the Dharma, Dharma is psychology, causality is implied in mind, do little good to do bad things, people really do have an afterlife? If there is now this will subvert any physical theory, people would not live in a world of self-deception, this is how terrible things to you?
    Master Xue Cheng: Dharma does not mean that psychology, causal is by no means implies, but does exist. Reach a certain level of spiritual people, six cycle is now visible amount, Bono Although not see, but you do not see does not mean it does not exist. There are many scientists have come to recognize Buddhism.
    User: blame others ignore it? It has been fascinated with the differences between the practice and the psychological adjustment.
    Master Xue Cheng: 1. The taming of trouble, face accusations of others, the heart no longer irritable, angry, but calm, joy: there are corrections, if any, Tsutomu. 2. psychological adjustment just to appease a moment emotions, attitude adjustment is much more than just practice, but the real future of themselves and others have interests.
    User: Dharma said that because there has been a combination of edge and draw the appropriate fruit, then the philosophy which says that things are the result of internal and external interactions, can be understood: it can be said that due to internal and external edge is, if it can be understand, and why? If you can not understand this, where's the difference? Where is their intersection?
    Master Xue Cheng: We are talking about the internal and outer edges, with the philosophy comes to internal and external factors, there is a difference, and it is linked. The above is the philosophy of science, philosophy above religion, because religion to explore the issue, first of all is linked with life. Such as Buddhism, is to recognize the state of infinite time and space in the cause of the problem, internal unlimited, space, time is infinite, so our human life is infinite. Just in front of the impermanence with unlimited dialectical unity of both impermanence of all things it is infinite.
    User: management science, people have encountered the letter, because they can permit or license of the others, seeing convinced. The Essence of Buddhism, said Li phase, or a witness of, but difficult for others to see, such as the realm of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas abode heavens all the better, Sichan eight fixed, six-five, six cycle, mortal difficult seeing , but not a reason coincide, there wondering, Shinya? Yu also? Heart have this doubt, difficult birth right view, how broken, pray express division.
    Master Xue Cheng: Dharma is the development of the spiritual world, and explore science and research is mainly in the external physical world, if the scientific method to treat philosophy, humanities and social sciences, including Buddhism contain itself one kind of biased and blind.
    User: I just read the university, thinking about mankind civilization, especially since the speed of technological development since modern times are very fast, but the Buddha in ancient times, including the thousands of years since the beings of Buddhism Buddhist understanding, saying the set, It seems to be not enough time to catch up with the rapid development of science and technology. My feeling is that everyone's thinking and understanding of the world of life, is not as time advances, more and keep up with the speed of change in substance. Are the guidelines on the role of ideology of scientific development will be weakened? At the same time contribute to the development of substance whether the development of our ideology? I am more contradiction, more conflict, more worried about the next three to five years may not be a problem, so after 300 years or 500 years later. The advancement of technology was suddenly replaced at a certain time consciousness development and progress, that when we realm of ideology above our science and technology, I do not understand, please master give guidance.
    Master Xue Cheng: We have developed technology 300 years, the last 30 years 50 years may develop even faster than we are. Our 30 years of development, much faster off than in the past 300 years, very much. Development of this technology is that it has two sides. On the plus side, we went to India we have a plane to the United States is very convenient. We used to go to India to go to the United States how hard it is, to the United States, it is simply impossible. Now, because of the development of technology, we can go to the moon people, people we can go into space. In the past, we thought that the Moon is a myth, but now just become a reality, so the development of this technology to change the world is enormous. Of course, we now that, for example, nuclear weapons, a variety of electronic eavesdropping, America's influence in the global network of people who, it is very large.
    One can not reject science, religion, including Buddhism going to adapt to the development of our science, but nor can religious ideas and scientific point of view the opposition, because they are of different areas. In other words, it is possible to interpret the world of religion, science can explain. Because religion is the most fundamental beliefs, philosophy is the most fundamental of human nature, the most fundamental tenets of science is experiment, it speaks to the philosophical reason, it speaks of religion belief, faith with heart related.
    But we are now a bigger issue is the development of science and technology today, all of us all the problems, finally, are based on the computer to do analysis, all the data is computerized analysis, judgment. So according to the computer to do analysis, judgment, then it is a computer how to know what is good and what is evil, what is, what is right and wrong? It does not know good and evil is. It is the future, what are the consequences for human development, it is difficult to predict. You want all of us all and everything related to this computer, related to this, machines, networks, but it is impossible to say that without these things. Therefore, development of human society to this time, it has unknowingly, the human brain is the control computer. In the past we invented the computer, and now computer-controlled human brain, we do not have a computer, we can not live, work or not, a business worth mentioning. When you see this data, in the end there are several layers to be true, it is hard to say, so we really want people capable of such a complex, network inside the bizarre world that can really perspective to its essence, that need this eyes.
    The same is true, in this era of scientific advancements, globalization can make a country, a nation's culture, and constantly marginalized people continue to reduce national consciousness, national. Globalization makes the same life, people's values ​​tend, more and more single, more homogeneous, this can be very dangerous, the entire world is homogenization, simplification, and unconsciously, we all want to develop, we want to make money, then you loss of resources, then you see now these days in Singapore have begun to pollution, past Singapore air good, how wonderful environment, this is a consequence of this era of change. This may be more than one region, a country that the world is homogenization.
    Friends: I am a scientist, I would like in the era of rapid development of science and proven, how can I get rid of these dedicated Buddhist, deep in my heart told me I was destined and Buddhism, I am also very willing to go letter, but the lack of faith.
    Master Xue Cheng: Buddhist devotees do not have to abandon science, have the opportunity to come to Beijing Longquan Temple Puja.