On the collection value of ancient colored glaze
Old colored glaze is not only a kind of material, but also an ancient cultural inheritance. More importantly, colored glaze is unique, there are no two identical colored glaze products. Coloured glaze, known as "liu Lin", "displaced" in ancient times, is developed on the basis of Chinese traditional glass craft special arts and crafts. According to Guang Ya and Yun Ji, in a long period of time, "liuli" was the general name of glass beads and other transparent substances that were burned with fire. Also known as "material", used to imitate jade, agate, tourmaline, and other jade.
Glass is a natural personnel into one, to achieve it. Mr. Shen Congwen once said that the beautiful thing has a kind of sadness, people have a kind of helplessness when they see it, afraid that it will pass away in a flash. How could this object be so beautiful? Yaoshi monk in the "glass light of the original wish of merit and virtue" in the cloud: let me get Bodhi in the afterlife, the body is like glass, inside and outside the bright, pure and flawless. Generally speaking, colored glaze is easy to remind people of the tiles on the roofs of ancient palaces and temples. Bai Letian "eternal regret song" in a sentence "Yuanyang tile cold frost Hua heavy, jade quilt cold who share", Tang Ming Huang see two snuggle tile, the more feel cold and lonely Zhaoyang Hall. From this information can be seen, Tang Palace has the existence of glazed, Yuanyang tile that is glazed products. Refers to the use of various colors of artificial crystal (containing 24% lead dioxide) as raw materials, using the ancient bronze dewaxing casting method of high temperature dewaxing crystal works. Its color clouds Li color, beautiful Huan; Its quality is crystal clear and dazzling. The process requires dozens of meticulous manual operations to complete, and the slightest oversight can result in failure or defects.
Each colored glaze is unique, the bubble in the glass is naturally formed in the process of calcination of raw materials, in the eyes of the people who love colored glaze, colored glaze is not only an article, but also has life, these bubbles seem to be saying that colored glaze is breathing. And these bubbles are also making the glaze more expressive, in the light can emit a dazzling brilliance.
China has a long history of making colored glaze, and there are original glass tube beads in the Western Zhou Dynasty relics unearthed. To the Warring States to the Han Dynasty, craftsmen on the furnace temperature control has been stabilized, the quality of glass to be guaranteed. In the plastic arts, adhering to the social ethos at that time, this period of glaze production rigorous, dignified and generous, no matter from the technical or artistic point of view, this is the first peak period of China's glaze.
Old colored glaze has high artistic value and collection value.
There are two main reasons: first, because of the particularity of the old colored glaze material, the process is extremely complex and difficult techniques; The production process of old colored glaze is quite complex, fire, water, to dozens of processes to complete, the fine production of old colored glaze, quite time-consuming, some only production process will be more than ten or twenty days, and mainly rely on manual production. It is quite difficult to grasp the various links, and the difficulty of its timing can be said to depend half on skill and half on luck. Only one out of the oven, the yield is only 70%. More importantly, the old glaze can not be reprocessed, unlike gold and silver products, that is to say, once there is a little problem, ten days, dozens of processes, how many people's efforts immediately go to waste. So the cost is very high.
China has more than 3,000 years of glass history, although due to the influence of jade, ceramics and other industries did not develop into the mainstream, but because of its distinctive national characteristics and unique artistic style in the world glass history by the attention. In recent years, a number of domestic museums with glass as the theme have come out, the catalogue of the major auction companies on the ancient glass of the special increase year by year, collectors on the ancient glass of more and more attention, it is not difficult to see a trend of glass collection.
The world of old colored glaze, flowing color, brilliant culture!