Novice suitable to do which cross-border e-commerce platform?
Amazon, eBay, Wish and AliExpress are the four major export cross-border e-commerce platforms,
By sales, in the same order as above.
For new sellers, a more objective analysis is needed.
So is the new seller suitable to become the largest sales of Amazon platform?
Today I want to share with you which platform is suitable for beginners to do,
Give you the characteristics of each platform.
Amazon is currently the largest cross-border e-commerce platform by sales volume among the four major platforms,
Whether the number of users or buyers purchasing power consumption level is the first row
The model of sales and delivery is similar to that of (which is Amazon's domestic version),
Through Amazon FBA distribution, sellers can realize the sale of all kinds of goods, including big-ticket goods,
Of course,
Amazon can only sell in countries where it has a site,
For example, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Japan,
There is no coverage in countries that do not have a site.
And each country has to open a corresponding seller account,
You need to upload the products in the corresponding language and provide customer service in the corresponding language.
And Amazon has a lot of operational details, which is very cumbersome for new sellers,
The learning and trial and error time is very long.
EBay was the oldest of the four,
EBay also has multiple sites in multiple countries,
However, eBay's sales method is mainly for domestic sellers to send overseas direct goods through small postal packages,
Payment is made by Paypal.
EBay trails Amazon in overall traffic and number of buyers,
However, sales of some small categories, such as auto parts, motorcycle parts, car adaptations and collectible art, are higher than those of Amazon.
Wish is currently the largest mobile cross-border e-commerce platform,
The number of mobile phone APP installed ranks first in many countries.
The background operation of Wish is very simple,
Full Chinese background for Chinese sellers.
Before is very suitable for new sellers to do the platform.
But in 2018,
The bar for Wish is rising fast,
For example, there are strict requirements in terms of delivery time limit, effective tracking, delivery rate, refund rate, etc.
Starting from October 1, 2018,
New Wish stores require a $2,000 deposit,
And this is a new seller,
Input costs and barriers to entry are also getting higher.
4. Speed sell tong
AliExpress is the cross-border e-commerce platform of Alibaba Group,
AliExpress has the largest market share in Russia, Ukraine, Eastern Europe and some countries in the Middle East.
AliExpress is also a very typical AliExpress platform,
It has a full Chinese background operating system,
Operating rules and procedures,
Store operation mode and advertising system are very similar to domestic Taobao Tmall.
It requires a team operation and a lot of effort.