Loss of traditional crafts ingenuity spirit Where?
Many Chinese traditional crafts categories, covering all aspects of life related, can be divided into sculpture crafts, food processing, traditional architecture and create a process tool equipment production technology categories.
Meet the basic needs of life in the future, people will go to pursue spiritual things, so for the life of appliances, utensils, furniture, construction, food becomes exquisite rise, gives a spiritual and aesthetic dimensions of enjoyment from here China can also be seen for the pursuit of quality is the ancient times.
From the Silk Road sold to the world of tea, silk, porcelain, wood, furniture, construction and the like product, it is based on the concept of Seiko secret agents from the hands of hard-working and intelligent craftsmen born.
Today, China once again become the world's manufacturing power, and profit-oriented business ideas, let MADE IN CHINA lost traditional Chinese art tradition of excellence that has become the second lowest quality, synonymous with shoddy. Shanghai World Expo China Pavilion, with a magical tenon joint structure reached a small big style, brackets superimposed layers, the more and more tightly hold, seemingly fragmented parts, but it has immeasurable endurance, can hold up supremely priority. Of Chinese furniture, the tenon structure is the soul, it is a unique creation of the Chinese nation. Shanghai World Expo tenon joint structure representative of China, but also to show the world of today's China, which proves that today's China is wish I could get back the old artisan spirit. To recover the spirit of the traditional artisan craft, then artisan spirit in the end is what? One is "the matter has been served," art is any human-body, which is now called "people-oriented", which for Chinese traditional crafts The development is extremely important. Right, NOKIA deep understanding of this point. The other is "Practice altruistic", that is to emphasize the practical and daily life. The third is the "trial surface potential, each with its appropriate", ie the process with specific technical and material relations. How such as furniture manufacturing characteristics of wood, textures different structure, manufacturing Yantai how to use color to make both clever stone compliant material characteristics but also reflect what functions, etc., these are small due to material applied arts examples. The fourth is "a clever method of Nature", which emphasizes the creation inspiration from nature, man and nature in harmony. The fifth is "Technology in a vehicle", it means that technology includes the elements of thought, Dao and simultaneously, the metaphysical specific functions such as manufacturing operations, skilled labor and metaphysical theories together. The sixth is "gentle", that is suitable to match the look and substance, which emphasizes the unity of content and form in creations, functional and decorative unity. This six, is the artisan spirit of complete generalization, builders - we now understand non-artisan workers, but the realm of an artist is high, not only the birth of their hands is also a work of the commodity. Today, still pursuing a world manufacturing power artisan spirit, such as Germany's Leica camera, is simply a piece of art. Swiss watches, behind the high price, is artisan spirit stick. Value of the watch has already gone beyond its functionality, branding and design, and top technology is the secret of their enduring support. In the automotive industry, most artisan spirit is still in Germany and Japan, look at it this Porsche Carrera GT, the German people have to build into a work of art can be run. At present, Chinese auto manufacturing country as a domestic car was still impossible to escape the curse of MADE IN CHINA, Changan Automobile as a domestic brand leader, made a very responsible, "artisan" of the concept, it is to take over Spirit craftsmen to create quality good car. At present, the "artisan spirit" manufacture high-quality models Rui Cheng Chang has come to redefine the technological connotation domestic car. Lost artisan spirit is now made in China but also the reasons for the downturn. Changan Automobile by artisan spirit back, will be in China to restore its past glory starting point? Let us wait and see!