Liuli dewaxing casting process
Lost wax casting process, according to legend the royal ancient Egypt, for Liuli creation, each piece is subject to 47 delicate hand to complete. Combination of physical effort and time refinement, the crystal glass wheat from the chaff, showing the the Liuli material delicate graceful, transparent texture of light and shadow.
(A) design
(B) carving prototype
(C) modulation of silicone
(D) The system of silicone mold
(E) turning the resin mold
(F) fixed mold
(G) irrigation system wax mold
(H) cannibalize wax mold
(I) small repair wax pattern
(10) modulation gypsum
(Xi) the gypsum mold
(12) configuration of raw materials
(13) into the furnace firing
(Xv) section cutting
(16) coarse grinding to fine grinding
(17) Grit pickling
(19) QC
(20) Packaging