How to see feng shui home
Common home feng shui taboo
1 windowsill for bed, perilous
As living conditions, many residential beds will be used windowsill. So that we can make the best use, increasing the width of the bed. Although these methods can take advantage of the windowsill of the area, but sleep accidentally, it will break the glass or cause casualties tragedy. Especially children's beds but should not be too close to the window, because they curiosity, things tend to be attracted by the window looking out of the window or climb out of the window frame, will lead to dangerous accidents. Therefore, the child's bed placed in position near the corner is the best place. Meanwhile, the window of the house not too much or too low, as long as there is no problem of indoor air circulation. Because bed too close to the window, if the window with the street too close to sleep like sleeping on the streets in general. Thunder and Lightning met or light exposure, resulting in lack of sleep will and psychological fear. In fact, feng shui is also the psychology and environmental studies, as long as the appropriate environmental improvements to cater to the feng shui of the road, it is not a superstitious thing.
2 bedside by air, lack of security
Beds are used as a place to rest, if the bed is left blank, lack of security, there will be a feeling of discomfort. The so-called blank is no meaning behind the mountain or patron. When we are sleeping or doing dill, when the body will unconsciously move around the head and therefore may be out of range of beds injured.
3 ornaments ferocious temper impact
When most people travel, they both used to buy some local produce or handicrafts as a memorial. For example: ceramic utensils, wood products, giant folding fan, even Bokken Mucha horn sheep and other decorative items. They will be those decorative items in the living room or indoor furnishings.
In order to create an atmosphere, the placement of ornaments containing some hostility, such as Japan saber, fierce eagle tiger, ghost masks, etc., will make people bad-tempered, impulsive. Instead, hang auspicious ornaments will add a festive and bring wealth. Therefore, home furnishings refrain peculiar looks, made a feng shui taboo.
Furthermore, the shape is also important accessories. Chinese people speak (meaning head), and if the peony flowers do not open, horse dejected, how Blossoming and success, how big is it lucky?
From a feng shui perspective, placing different decorative items has its role, but it depends azimuth position of the good and bad. Then, at home, should be placed before those ornaments of the road it is in compliance feng shui? It is not required, in principle, not the grotesque, not excessive stuffing, otherwise, it will become (feng shui props field) it.
Generally speaking, Fukurokuju Samsung, nine fish (such as) Figure, peony flower, peacock open screen and other auspicious ornaments or pictures, have suitable for each family. Its lifelike shape, not only to bring good fortune for the residence of the gas can also be decorative home beautiful.
If every day, those looking to hang on the wall or sad portrait chill text, will generate fantasy and hit me. Children's bed should also be noted mural posters, interesting, inspiring puzzle, pattern image can not have a feeling of fear.
4 stove orientation affect wealth
Many people focus only on the residential feng shui living room and bedroom layout, while ignoring the importance of the kitchen, the saying goes: (doors, Lord, stove) that is at the gate, master bedroom and a stove location. The kitchen is often water and fire place. "I Ching" has called both fire and water economy, meaning water and fire are diet must thing, with fire and water conditioning, will reach yin and yang. Therefore, to achieve (both economic) situation, to family fortune smooth, peaceful population.
According to the theory of five elements, the East is wood, the South is a fire, so the stove should be better orientation towards the south Huo.
In fact, the stove toward the East or the South is very consistent with the five elements orientation. Since ancient times used for cooking fuel, nothing more than weeds and brushwood, when the stove when cooking toward the East will be in line with the wind, easy to fire.
Kitchen stove to take a brake to the principles of feng shui Kat can reach. If located in Kyrgyzstan, the home of population health, marital relations harmonious. Instead, have a happy marriage piebald, often quarrel or infirm.
Secondly, kitchen furnishings, such as stove-bit, washing pots, dishes, boxes, etc. should be placed in the correct position. Stove is very sensitive faucet impulse radio, it is vulnerable to diarrhea and gastrointestinal problems. If the wash basin and a stove in a straight line, was incompatible, it will influence their emotions and health. If the stove placement with a tap into the colt type (L-type), you can avoid impulse radio fire and water, but also meet the feng shui of the road.
From feng shui point buy for their own building
As the saying goes a life, two transport, three feng shui, life is good is desirable, do not attempt the only waiting for luck to life, nor luck to, and then only hope feng shui help, good feng shui, there is a good five azimuth to sit with, but not every five azimuth are suitable for everyone, Yaodi orientation suitability is to tie fate of each individual character to determine whether habitable, of course, be able to find an experienced feng shui fortune tellers Master inference is best for their own, but some failed to get guidance reader, Do not know my fate Gurley even five, what direction interest areas, it is necessary to provide to you Didi reference.
(A) born in spring person wood is too wang, Lee the fire, gold. Should choose to live in the South, Southwest. Dwelling Fang Xiangyi ride north to south or take the northeast to southwest.
(Two) people born in the summer of fire was too busy, Lee Goldwater. Should choose to live in Northwest, North. Dwelling Fang Xiangyi sit and ride southeast to northwest, south to north.
(Three) persons born in the autumn Jintai Wang, Lee fire. Should choose to live in the Southern District. Dwelling Fang Xiangyi ride north to south.
(Four) people born in winter the water is too busy, Lee wood fire. Should choose to live Southeast, Southern District. Dwelling Fang Xiangyi ride northwest to southeast and ride north to south.
Room feng shui luck with people
From ancient times, people around the world are studying the position in heaven and earth, and their relationship formed. By exploring the seasonal transition, astrology change, and the observed laws of nature under the guidance of people began to realize that living in a different house of the people, their lifetime wealth, luck will be different.
Back in the ancient Orient began thousands of years ago the use of feng shui. Over time, feng shui is more and more people recognize and use different forms such as charts or tables to express their understanding and awareness of the natural world, but also with their own system to study the gas flow. Eight figure is a diagram depicting the flow of gas, which contains the people to understand the significance metabolism. The graph can naturally help you improve your home and your contact.
Your room is another you, it can be said to be a mirror of your destiny, reflects the different levels where your destiny direction. Show your room messy ideological confusion; if the room in many single photo posted, it means that the room owner and the current relationship between the people around are not satisfied. You can put feng shui principles to your home to help you achieve the desired mode of life, because through feng shui can make you re-examine yourself, remind yourself in the end what you want. If you want to change your destiny, then you should first think about what you really want a future. Who you want to attract; You want what their own efforts to achieve a level position. When you finally determine what you want then, then you have to focus exclusively on top of it, this time you will continue to pass information to your subconscious mind, so as to reflect the reality of your life, the performance of your surroundings changes.
Your room is likely to irregular in shape, you might find that it appeared nightside or prominent. Generally, if prominent part accounted for more than half the area, then it forms nightside; Otherwise, it is just an outstanding, which means that the energy region becomes strong. Irregular shape of the room is not a bad thing, on the contrary, you can make room by adjusting the Eight Diagrams completely meet the nine division of the region, so it gives you the opportunity will be more likely.