How to open the light for the Liuli Pi Xiu
My colleague sent a glass PI xiu to me. I heard that the open light in the home after the PI xiu, will be better than not open, can make the home run well, good luck to strengthen, away evil, have the town house efficacy, so I found the glass PI xiu open method.
Wash the PI xiu with mineral water.
Fill the container with mineral water.
Put the clean glass PI xiu into the container and take the pure mineral water to cover the glass PI xiu for three days.
Three days later the PI xiu was removed and wiped clean with a cloth.
Take out a clean brush and dip it in tea oil.
Will be the tea oil covered in the glass PI xiu eyes, kaiguang will be completed.
Matters needing attention
·the PI xiu is connected to human nature, and only one person can be present when the dance is open. After the PI xiu is open, you will be the first one to see and will always bless you.