How to find the Prosperous financial position when placing Feng Shui crafts at home
Home feng shui related to a family of feng shui fortune, good feng shui can help improve the fate of the owner, on the contrary, unreasonable feng shui layout will destroy the fortune of home, and even lead to the scourge. In the home feng shui, the financial position to determine and layout is essential, how to find the financial position in the family? How to set the financial position to help Lucky Wang Yun? Author to share the financial information about the relevant feng shui.
How to find financial position
Feng Shui in the financial income is divided into the financial position and the dark financial position, the financial position is generally a symbolic financial position, located in the residential entrance to the left or right diagonal position, this position is best not to set a walkway, to form A corner, in order to gather money, in this position placed some lucky mascot, help to increase the opportunity for financial resources. And dark financial position is a substantial financial position, how to determine the dark fortune it? This and the house has a great relationship, if it is sitting south of the house, its financial position in the southwest and north. Sitting in the north and south of the house finances in the northeast and south. Sitting west of the house of money in the south, northwest, southeast. The house of the southeast of the northwest is in the west, northwest and north. Sitting in the southeast to the northwest house finances in the southwest, southeast. Sitting in the northeast of the house southwest of the house in the northwest, northeast. It is east and west of house of east and west. Sitting southwest of the house in the northeast of the financial position in the east, southwest. If the direction of the door is just the financial position can be financial resources rolling. Can be placed in the dark financial position above the lucky mascot.
How to set the most prosperous wealth
It is very important to find how to set up the money in the family. What is the note in the financial position? What kind of mascot is placed above the financial position?
In the layout of the financial position should pay attention to the following aspects:
First, the financial position should try to avoid the transparent or behind the situation, the financial side of the back is the best hard two walls. Can ensure that no worries, possession of money together. If the back is too transparent, or the glass and the like is likely to lead to discouraged, there will be financial disaster.
Second, the financial position to clean and clean, avoid messy. The financial above the furnishings to the whole, do not place often vibrating sound and the like, and to always clean and keep clean, otherwise it will tarnish the financial position is not conducive to Lucky.
Third, the financial position should not put heavy pressure things, such as bookcases, wardrobes and so on. But also to keep the financial light bright, so that more conducive to residential vitality, financial resources.
Fourth, the wealth of water, so be sure to keep dry, and do not put aquatic plants in the financial position. Such as fish and the like can not be placed in the financial position, so as not to see the water.
In addition, in the financial position above the feng shui mascot is more conducive to Lucky, above the financial position can be placed Aquarius, ingot, God of Wealth, three sheep Kai Tai, gold toad, money turtle, wishful, unicorn, brave, blessing Lu Shou, etc .; can be selected according to personal preferences.