how to display Pixiu artworks
Pixiu covered with jewels, can bring wealth. Pixiu placed in feng shui auspicious position, many feng shui masters have a strong reminder that the Pixiu wealth effect. Macau casino will put a jade Pixiu, meaning mouth to suck the Quartet, earns no pay. Especially for those who prefer the Pixiu floating income people, usually placed in the Pixiu is money or partial financial position of the home or office. In addition, there are a lot of people believe that wearing a Pixiu when playing mahjong can bring good luck, but many people do not know how to put Bixie caused many unnecessary trouble, for, as everyone here Chi Yuan Court points Under explain: how to place Pixiu can bring to their better results, mainly from several considerations, Chi Yuan Court common office, home, shops and other Pixiu Recommended:
Ci Yuan Court cornucopia Pixiu topaz
Efficacy: the town house, defends, enrichment
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Copper King Pixiu Lucky Decoration
Efficacy: the town house, defends, Lucky
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Pixiu Lucky Tianlu copper ornaments
Efficacy: Lucky, evil spirits, town house
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Cai evil Pixiu Decoration
Efficacy: Cai, evil
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First, the family placed Pixiu
1. Do not rush head main entrance (from outside the door it does not matter, but do not flush the toilet), because the main entrance is a keeper in charge of the place or the God of Wealth, brave has no right to intervene.
2. Do not rush the mirror, because the mirror will produce light evil, Pixiu taboo.
3.Pixiu not suitable for display in the bedroom the bed to face their own, can not be higher than the head, because Pixiu is a ferocious animal. Suitable for display in the living room, the ramp toward the door.
Second, the office put Pixiu
1.Pixiu can be placed in the financial position of the office can be oblique to the door, but not in front of the toilet.
2.Pixiu do not put in place higher than you, do not put too low.
3. Pixiu can be no barrier against the outside of the open windows, do not look in the mirror, not to himself.
Third, the car placed Pi xiu
1.Pixiu as car pendant is very particular, it's possible to head toward the direction of the front windshield, otherwise it is absorbed by the host's own wealth is wealth, there is no full play the role of Pixiu Lucky's.
2. For car hanging Pixiu, often touching, but for others the Pixiu pendant car hands do not touch, so not good to others or yourself.
Fourth, the store placed Pixiu
1.Pixiu in the shop or store display requirements more and more, to look toward the feng shui shop. But in general, Pixiu is not head butt to store inside and outside the shop. Usually head out to shop.
2. Most say Pixiu placed in the shop are generally placed in the cash register, or obvious and a good place to find a special place alone, but must ensure that the placement of clean, otherwise it will affect the results of.
Five, Pixiu how wearing
1. [Pixiu bracelet to wear proper law]: PiXiu is primary care, and very much like to please come back to bite the fiscal owner, but in order to make Pixiu better protect you, you need to head out Pixiu, and the only way to Better doorman, should be Pixiu bracelet Pixiu you need to head to the left, to the left is the outside. And the need to pay attention to the wear Pixiu bracelet best not to wear to wear left hand, because Pixiu Lucky is left is right out, the Bi xie wearing the right hand is "out of money", afraid you put your gas money are given to someone else.
2. [Pixiu pendant correct wearing of France]: life wearing jewelry on the wrist are not used to a lot of male friends, then the general will choose Pixiu pendant to attract wealth, when worn Pixiu pendant must pay attention to taboo, should wear the wrong time to just pretty things. General Pixiu pendant crafts are to a rope holes to play in the following Pixiu mouths, which requires the rope tied to here, should be this pendant as a pendant, it must pay attention to the lanyard perforation, let Pixiu pendant natural The title on head-tail down the situation, so that it looks natural beauty, if your direction is reversed, then looks less natural.
Six, Pixiu routine maintenance
1. In our daily lives, we invite the purchase of Pixiu mascot, wearing placed in the process will encounter various problems. Lucky evil as our sacred objects, we must always protect it, then how do we protect Pixiu placed in daily use in the process of it? Details Click to view: Pixiu routine maintenance
Seven other attention and precautions
1. Timing is not timed for a glass of water in front of Bixie, Pixiu is because the dragon's son, can not leave the water, pay attention to the height of not higher than Pixiu's head.
2. Pixiu a day dedicated to the coil volume necessary to point it smells, or food, so Pixiu main people have the strength to find the money.
3.Pixiu once put away is best not to move, for moving to clean Pixiu, need to use a red silk cloth from head to carry.
Ancient Yin believes that life is doomed, but fortune can change, so people have "touched the Pixiu fortune exuberant, touching Pixiu rolling in wealth, the three touch Pixiu meteoric rise," the good wishes. But one thing to note that people who commit crimes, Pixiu wealth of reminders may not have power, which is characteristic they reveal, Pixiu placed there a lot of knowledge in it, I hope that we can bring good luck by Pixiu to wealth.