How to Conserve Coloured Glaze Arts
Coloured glaze arts hardness of nephrite equivalent, but also more brittle, and can not be forced to beat or collision, it is to buy artisan coloured glaze arts works, you should pay attention to its maintenance, maintenance should note the following:
(1) non-collision or friction movements in order to avoid surface scratches.
(2) keep at room temperature, real-time temperature difference can not be too much, especially not own their heating or cooling.
(3) Surface smooth, should not be placed directly on the desktop, it is best to have the gasket.
(4) to use the pure clean water, use tap water, need to stand for more than 12 hours. Should be kept coloured glaze arts surface shiny and clean, must not be coated with grease and other foreign matter.
(5) Avoid contact with corrosive substances such as sulfur, chlorine.