How to choose the right holiday gifts?
Gifts, a man carrying a to another person's good intention, China has many traditional festival, the Spring Festival, the Mid-Autumn festival, Chinese valentine's day, etc., plus some foreign festivals, such as Christmas, valentine's day, in the festival will give certain people send gift, but how do you know the appropriate gifts in particular festival, this is a great learning, today small make up have a chat when choosing gifts to everyone need to see what, as well as the matters to which attention should be paid at the time of holiday gifts.
1. Look at the object
Holiday gifts, naturally, and the gifts of ordinary days are different. We choose the right gift according to the object's gender, age, status, preference and relationship with us. Parents, teachers and the elderly may choose health food and health care supplies; Children can choose school supplies, training courses, fashion accessories, etc.; Send leaders, you can choose high-end decorations, high-end leisure appliances; Send to colleagues and subordinates, choose office supplies or practical appliances, electronic products, gift cards, etc.; For lovers or lovers, choose lingerie, chocolate, etc. Choose gifts that suit each other, that each other likes, that each other needs, to give a holiday gift of value.
2. Look at color
Whether it is practical or decorative gifts, to highlight the strong holiday color. Red is a traditional lucky color in China. When choosing gifts, red gifts can be considered, such as red clothes, Chinese knots and so on. Other warm color department colour is like aureate, orange, give a person festive feeling. Holiday gift color must be "correct", appear dignified and generous, if you buy a gift, the color is red or gold, but looks dull, suggest you choose the color again!
3. Look at the moral
There are many Chinese characters with unique meanings, such as fish, Ruyi, ten thousand characters, Fu, peony, bamboo, crane, Chinese zodiac and so on. Don't miss this kind of gift containing auspicious meaning, such as "live as long as the southern mountain", "rich reunion" theme decorations, auspicious shape of jade, toys, and so on. Affordable health care products, gift cards, health food, etc., is also a good choice. In recent years, rich bamboo, pomegranate, phalaenopsis, rich trees and other flowers are also sought after by people, may wish to consider when choosing a gift.
4. Value
The value here includes the value of the gift itself and the value it embodies. For a customer who loves digital products, a bottle of foreign wine is not as valuable as a new digital camera for the same amount of money. A holiday gift, to the leaders and customers of the nature of a little more expensive, a higher level, to send their more familiar with and understand the people, expensive is not the primary standard, or choose material gifts for the top. The general principle is to choose the one with better quality and better appearance among similar gifts. In fact, the key to reflect the value of your heart, as long as the heart, no matter how much money spent on the gift, its value is considerable.