Flowers and vases feng shui composite function
Vase placed in feng shui is generally considered the main house of emotions, marriage, peace, health, wealth, career and other related. Because vase general function in real life is to flower, and the flower is a symbol of women, the symbol of emotion, so, vases placed with the house of the Lord emotional, marriage-related; since glass vase bottle word and peace flat word homonym, so, vases placed with the peace of the main house, defends related; since gourd vase shape and similar, and the ancients believed hoist is installed drugs, is a symbol of the drug, it placed a vase with the house of the Lord Health-related; since vase is actually a container, and its shape while also deemed to save money cans, so vase placed wealth associated with the house of the Lord; since vase crafts, is a symbol of elegance, while the vases and bottles and calm, dull, ordinary, smooth, flat, flat, etc. meteoric rise homonyms, so the vase again and the house of the Lord Mind, career-related; so.
Yin and yang theory tells us that all things are divided into two. In other words, placing a liuli vase may occur with emotion peach related things, but not necessarily the guitar, and its good and bad depending on the vase placement, and vases of color, pattern, size, material, style, quantity, air Real, etc. as well as the main house associated with the housing interior layout, outdoor environment, because the essence of feng shui is people-oriented, people-centered, are good and bad people, leaving people in this subject, feng shui meaningless.
A vase placed in a dry house:
Dry palace that houses the northwest orientation. Dry for his father, for men the main house, is the official position, for fiscal libraries. Therefore vase placed in a dry house, can be used as raw busy man over the age of 55, men such as peach main house, wealth, health, etc.; family members or Mong also be used as official transport, fame, influence, and other utilities fortune. Here's Ark Book of Tips: In addition to urging peach vase, in general, should not be empty display, the same below.
Second, vases placed in Kun Palace:
Kun palace that houses the southwest orientation. Kun for mothers, for women the main house, as civilian, for fiscal libraries. Therefore crystal vase placed in a dry house, can be used as raw busy woman over the age of 55, women such as peach main house, wealth, health, etc.; flourishing literary talent can also be used up his family, coaching, farming and other business aspects of the fortune.
Third, vases placed in the shock Palace:
Zhen palace that houses the east orientation. Zhen long male, firstborn, downtown, for the road and so on. It is placed in the shock Palace vase can be used as raw Wang thirty-seven to fifty-year-old man, the eldest son of the family, such as the peach, wealth, health, etc.; also used as Wang Sheng business, transport, tourism and other business families aspects of fortune.
Four, vases placed in Sundanese Palace:
Sunda palace that houses the southeast orientation. Sunda is the eldest daughter, Wenchang, as Cai and so on. It is placed in the Sunda palace vase can be used as raw Wang thirty-seven to fifty-year-old woman, daughter and other family peach, wealth, health, etc.; also be used as academic or Mong families, recruit, partial financial other aspects of the fortune.
Five, vases placed in Cancun:
Cancun that houses the north orientation. Hom for the men, for neutrons, for water-related utilities. Therefore coloured glaze vase placed in Cancun, can be used as raw prosperous nineteen to thirty-year-old man, the family peach neutron etc., wealth, health, etc.; family members or Mong also be used in aquaculture, hotels, salt, etc. cause of fortune.
Six, vases placed in the palace:
Palace that houses south orientation. Off for the women, as two daughters, for civil, for the fiscal libraries. It is placed in the palace vase can be used as raw prosperous nineteen to thirty-year-old woman, at home, such as peach second daughter, wealth, health, etc.; family members or Mong also be used in civil, electrical, telecommunications, metallurgy, etc. cause of fortune.
Nine, vases placed in the palace:
Tai Chi in the palace that houses the center point of that. The Palace summit, as the core, the heart, for decision-making. The center of the house as the most taboo Void, it generally should not be placed in a colored glaze vase most centrally located housing, placing even more inappropriate if empty, the most taboo is empty vase placed second only in the Palace, unfavorable family health, wealth, career, etc., are signs of life and wealth.
CASE1: Do not let the flowers wilt
Flower color can add vitality for home decoration, embellishment on the environment is also superior than ordinary green leaves of plants, more than most plants need careful cultivation, if accidentally allowed to wither wither, it will have bad feng shui effect, affecting occupant health and fortune, so to properly change the water, diligent management stems trimmed, must not let the flowers wilt.
CASE2: master bedroom placed flowers helps mood
Bedroom, which is not only of our sleep, it is where we rest and soothe the soul. Therefore, placing flowers bedroom, consider the color of the flowers, fragrance, and flowers, both to coordinate, but also conducive to the owner's mind. Can be combined with the bedroom walls, ceilings, floors and furniture and other decorative colors to select. If the room cool colors, warm colors of flowers may be considered to enhance the cozy atmosphere of the bedroom. Conversely, you can choose cool colors of the flowers, giving a feeling of peace and tranquility.
CASE3: Restaurant placed flowers appropriate to increase appetite
The restaurant is a place where you dine and exchange, pleasing flowers can make people feel comfortable, appetite, increase appetite.
It should be noted that the placing of flowers on the table should not be too high, so as not to block the line of sight of everyone, is not conducive to the exchange. Flowers and bottles should be placed at the center of the table, so you can dine while admiring the flowers while.
CASE4: pastel colors flowers help to improve the learning environment study
Placed in the study pastel colors flowers, can play embellishment, enhanced decorative effect, as the study add a touch of elegant and peaceful atmosphere.
CASE5: kitchen placed flowers first thing to consider clean
Kitchen environment must ensure clean, fresh flowers must be kept clean and free of pests and diseases, to no odor appropriate. Also, the kitchen is easy to produce fumes, placing flowers can have the best anti-pollution ability, such as aloe, flower towers, kidney fern, evergreen. Also with vegetables, fruit material made flower arrangements, both in harmony with the kitchen environment, but also unique taste.
If the kitchen is located in the west bedroom, can be placed golden yellow flowers, and daffodils, pansies, etc. in the window, can alleviate the sunset information, but also bring wealth to the owner.
CASE6: Bathroom placed flowers have the effect of resolving the bathroom bad smell
Bathroom is the home of the source of the bad smell, the bathroom will often because of poor location, affect the health of other family members fortune. And placed flowers in the bathroom, with beautiful flowers and pleasing, with the scent of flowers watered down the toilet dirty, but also with some auspicious flowers and resolve adverse bathroom, which mainly bring good luck.