Distinguish of LiuLi

The market will often see or hear water Liuli In fact, this is an "imitation Liuli products, not really Liuli. Its material is a resin, Crystal and other chemical raw materials, similar to the transparent plastic.
    How to identify the dewaxing Liuli water Liuli? Compared from the following elements:
A, color: dewaxing Liuli Colorful transparent and the color does not go away; water the Liuli can see the obvious chemical pigment, plastic products, not transparent, long time, and easy to change.
Density: dewaxing Liuli feel smooth water Liuli equivalent plastic is much lighter than the real of Liuli. Many businesses often water Liuli with a large number of metal attachment together with its weight, confusion, and some bad business to deceive consumers, often at the bottom of the water Liuli products, hidden in the lead weights and heavy weights such as to cause true Liuli the illusion, consumers only need to carefully figuring out that you can see through.
C sound: gently tap the sound of the dewaxing Liuli, there will be metal. Water Liuli.
Save time: dewaxing Liuli can be stored indefinitely, still carved as before; water Liuli one to two years and then began to fade, a sense of permeability difference. In layman's terms: time is the longer, more like plastic, there is no value to the collection.