Compare Chinese LiuLi with Western LiuLi
1886 French artist Henri Cros, the creation of lost wax casting method to be successful, three thousand years ago the ancient techniques to reproduce the glass art presents a colorful artistic effects never seen before. Obtained product is a translucent, Henri Cros This technique works called "pate de verre", in French means "Glass of dough" (that is, we are talking about LiuLi), the term is in use so far and became a foreign language in English. From the "pate de verre" is not only high-profile caused a stir, trigger more artists have been put into glass art. The daum company was founded in 1878, over a hundred years has been engaged in the production of "pate de verre", is an existing production of the oldest manufacturers of today. While Europe and the United States now has nearly 100 artists in the form of a glass studio creation, such as Stanislav Libensky and Jaroslava Brychtova.
  China's LiuLi production on and off to the Kangxi and Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty entered a new golden era for its technical level has reached a very high level, as shown. With the decline of the Qing Dynasty, China's production of LiuLi fell silent until lost. In the 1980s of the last century, artists from Taiwan studying and introducing LiuLi production process from the United States and Taiwan in the 1990s LiuLi Workshop, Grand View LiuLi have been moved to the mainland. Continent to this day there are more mature production capacity LiuLi manufacturers nearly sixty-seven of.
  It should be noted that the LiuLi production technology in China, after all, at this stage from Europe and the United States the introduction of only twenty years, there are many things to learn from the point of view of technology and design.
  Of course, the origin of the long Chinese culture has deep historical heritage, has a strong ethnic characteristics. Asians in LiuLi aesthetic orientation more emphasis on rich color and delicate shape, crystal clear, and like the cultural traditions of moral integration into the Creation. Thus, China has its own distinctive national characteristics in LiuLi the art LiuLi is the crystallization of the traditional Chinese language and human thought. Europe and the United States the vast majority of works like the selection of glass powder cast glass block (China generally cast), it is rendered translucent visual effects and any random existence of bubbles, a high degree of surface frosting, design style, modern, different from the oriental style fine.