Coloured glaze: latent medium minority art collects ancient coloured glaze to collect still need car
Since ancient times, the name of glass has appeared in the chanting of many poems. But as one of the "seven treasures" of Buddhism, the popularity of colored glaze in the field of collection is far less than jade, precious metals and other categories. Although more and more people have started to pay attention to the collection of colored glaze in recent years, a special auction of colored glaze called "the first auction of Chinese colored glaze" held recently in Beijing did not appear as expected sky-high prices. Organizers of this auction to be coloured glaze art museum marketing director cheung chi said: "as a national special glass auction for the first time, the result is as expected, at least have a good start, but I believe that with the passage of time and the addition of more marketing communication will make public and art institutions gradually understand coloured glaze artwork, these works of art will gradually out of the shackles, from the collection into the mainstream of domestic art market collection." Chen jianming, director of public relations and media of liuli workshop in mainland China, said: "judging from the current market situation in China, the market of liuli works of art is still in its infancy. Its artistry, artistry and brand benefit will gradually enter the mass market for collection.
Modern glass price rise space is big
In recent years, the price of this small collection has risen steadily as the art of colored glaze has gained increasing attention in China. Coloured glaze in ancient times is a symbol of wealth and status, known as one of China's five famous vessels. At present, more and more glass products are loved by people and collection, because glass has its unique value. "When I get bodhi in the next life, my body is like colored glaze", which is a pure and tranquil state of mind pursued by Buddhism, and also shows the unique charm of colored glaze.
Now on the market the most common glass products with man-made crystal as raw materials, mostly byalick said: "now coloured glaze workshops is lost wax casting method, which is derived from 3000 years ago in Mesopotamia two river basin, has a long history, this kind of technique to realize the ancient sculpture for the exquisite, and to meet the requirements of shape and texture, it also makes the coloured glaze has a deeper cultural relies on. Although these glass products are reproducible, in fact, each of them is different from the glass pattern and small bubbles."
Different from glazed casting by dewaxing method, the traditional ancient glazed method is to melt silicate and other metal oxides and other raw materials through high temperature, pull into a variety of specifications of the material stick, artists with various kinds of material stick barbecue on the lights, to soften quickly kneaded, give full play to the glazed material luster, colorful, soft, mysterious characteristics. Compare with coloured glaze, ancient law coloured glaze does not have bottom tyre, make the experience that relies on person and craft completely, in the flame of blowtorch improvise processing, also be called "sculpture in fire". But the pure manual craft also makes the work that it produces has uniqueness, highlight its preciousness.
Say to collect value, somebody thinks contemporary coloured glaze is nearly 10 years just can revive, have historical significance actually, the appreciation space at present is not big also. Zhang zhiwei told reporters: "Coloured glaze points many category, one of the most common wine coloured glaze, lost wax casting coloured glaze, compared with the lost wax casting glass products, the collection level of wine glass mostly completed by master of arts and crafts at or above the provincial level, has the absolute uniqueness and extremely strong artistic quality, a good work full of emotion and cognition creator himself, it can be simple, beautiful, solemn, can also is a sacred and plain, elegant, for its original purpose of different and different, of course also different due to appreciate people's different understanding and interpretation, So what contemporary ancient law coloured glaze artwork brings us is integral modelling, colour and lustre and creation 3 person perfect union. It should be said that the artistic creativity of arts and crafts masters is not only one of the highest costs in making glass, but also the most important part of glass collection and appreciation." In addition, zhang zhiwei told the Beijing business daily reporter: "the hand-made, polished, colored glass requires a high level of technology, if not careful to appear incomplete will become waste products, such as chicken oil yellow glass products with a lower rate of finished products."
Ancient glazed and dewaxed glazed have their own unique beauty, because of their special materials, and their production process is quite complex, to dozens of processes to complete, take 10 to 20 days, and mainly rely on manual. It is very difficult to grasp each link, only out of one, the yield is only 70 per cent. More crucial is, coloured glaze product cannot recycle, that is to say once appear a little problem, 10 days, dozens of working procedure, how many people's effort is wasted immediately. At the same time, coloured glaze is a kind of cultural product, not just a kind of material. More importantly, each piece of coloured glaze product is unique. There are no two identical coloured glaze artworks in the world. Therefore, glazed artworks will have more say in the future collection field.