Coloured glaze in the eyes of buddhists
Coloured glaze is one of Buddhism's "seven treasures" and the first of "China's five famous vessels". The colored glass Buddha statue is made of colored artificial crystal, which requires dozens of processes and is mainly handmade. Because of its "fire comes, water goes" craft characteristic, Buddhism thinks coloured glaze is the realm incarnation of thousand years practice. In all the classics, the "shape and spirit like glass" is regarded as the highest realm of buddhist cultivation.
Coloured glaze in Buddhism to eliminate disease and ward off evil spirits. Three blessings can be obtained by placing or wearing coloured glaze:
One, dispel disease: people of practice think that coloured glaze is the embodiment of medicine master Buddha, can eliminate disease and drive away evil spirits, so that people get the blessing of health.
Second, perseverance: because of the difficulty of burning, Buddhism believes that colored glass can make people feel the difficulty of refining the truth and gain the strength of perseverance.
Three, inspiration: gorgeous color, change magnificent, give a person with artistic aesthetic feeling and imagination space, give a person inspiration and wisdom.