Chinese ancient Liuli is a foreign product or Mooring to goods ?
Glass (Liuli) appeared more than 5,000 years of history, the world's oldest glass manufacturer recognized as the ancient Egyptians . For a long time , many academics as well as Western scholars believe that China 's glass is passed from Egypt , the ancient Chinese people do not know how to make glass technology .
  With glass , glass beads, glass and other clothing beautiful glass ornaments , such as ritual and funerary objects unearthed ancient Chinese people have mastered the manufacture of glass technology ? Academia has become a topic of debate . In China , Henan , Hunan, Guangxi , Shaanxi, Guangdong , Shandong and other places of ancient tombs , unearthed several material beads, tube beads, prismatic beads, dragonfly eyes , Liuli wall , Liuli Cup , Liuli bottles and a lot of artifacts, especially Some tombs unearthed in Hunan, a large number of the Warring States Period , Western Han Dynasty glassware , above a Chinese national characteristics of ornamentation and decorative patterns, with distinctive ethnic characteristics. This batch of cultural relics unearthed , causing great concern at home and abroad archeology and science and technology workers .
    The large amount of glass artifacts unearthed by Chinese and foreign experts with modern spectroscopy experiments to identify common conclusions are: China 's " lead- barium glass " and the Western " soda-lime glass" belong to two different glass systems. This fact indicates that the ancient Chinese used a unique glass is made ​​out of raw materials independently .
 Despite China's ancient glass to " lead-barium glass ," which, however , Guangdong , Guangxi, mostly glass unearthed low magnesium potassium glass , is the world's rare, magnesium oxide content is only 0.06 to 1.0% , while the ancient Egypt and the Mediterranean region unearthed glass , magnesium oxide content of up to 3-9% , which shows once again that our ancient glass is manufactured using domestic raw materials themselves .