All kinds of natural crystal magic effect
Amethyst is purplish in color because it contains trace amounts of Fe. The frequency is quite high. Amethyst is an important member of the crystal family. She was dignified, elegant and dignified, and was chosen as the birthstone for February. There is a beautiful legend about amethyst in ancient Greek mythology. When Bacchus sees the beautiful maiden Amethyst passing through his path, he calls out a fierce tiger and runs upon her. In danger, Amethyst calls for help from Diana, the moon goddess, who turns her into a pure stone for her protection. Bacchus, seeing all this, came to his senses. To apologize, he poured the wine on the body of the amethyst fossil, and slowly the stone changed into the beautiful amethyst. This beautiful ancient Greek legend adds a romantic halo to amethyst, which is originally a symbol of nobility, elegance, magnificence, seclusion, nobility, solemnity and power. Efficacy: Amethyst represents high-level, spiritual and spiritual love, which can be regarded as a pledge and token to admirers. Amethyst has long been used as a talisman and talisman, as it is believed to ward off evil spirits and enhance personal luck. Amethyst can develop intelligence, calm emotions, improve intuition, help thinking, mindfulness, increase memory ability, improve interpersonal relationships, give people courage and strength.
White crystal Is quartz. What is opaque is quartz, and what is transparent is white crystal. White crystal is transparent, colorless, transparent by the light of clear fireflies. White is the combination of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, which represents balance and perfection. The shape of the natural line of white crystal is quite a variety of, there are the most common block, hexagonal column, columnar cluster of white crystal, overlapping formed backbone...... And so on. Most white crystals contain ice, clouds and so on. Efficacy: White crystal is one of the seven treasures of Buddhism, also known as "Mani pearls". It can keep house, ward off evil spirits and ward off evil spirits, purify the whole body, remove diseased gas and promote good luck. And the white crystal made of Buddha or cultural relics is to practice qi, Buddha, warding off evil spirits, blocking the temple, town house, divination have a strong positive and divine Buddha blessing ability. White crystal has the function of focusing, concentrating and enlarging memory. It is the synthesis of all energies. It is called Crystal King. White crystal has a powerful effect on removing negative sexual energy. Put small crystal cluster on the electric appliance product such as computer, TELEVISION, microwave oven or around, can reduce its radiate amount, protect human body won't suffer the interference of electromagnetic wave too much
Natural powder crystal crystal master relationship, enhance popularity, is the first brand of love gem. Powder crystal includes traditional powder crystal, hibiscus powder crystal, ice seed powder crystal, star crystal! Most of the raw ore is lumpy, produced in pegmatite in various places, and the texture growing on the upper layer is relatively good. At present, the powder crystal column seen in the market is all lumpy raw ore and then ground into columnar form. The powder crystal is brittle and pink because it contains trace amounts of titanium. Pink crystal is the first brand of love gem, can enhance their own aura in the pink light, pink light is also Aphrodite (goddess of love) show the color of love, can increase the opposite sex, promote emotional development, help the pursuit of love, grasp love, enjoy the love of the gem! It is conducive to the communication between people. If there is a lover, it can improve your relationship with your partner and bring you a happy love life. If you have an unfortunate fall out with your significant other, wearing pink jewelry can also help you heal the wounds of love, reduce emotional distress, and enjoy and hold on to love. It is the best tool for the open business service industry to set up the business place or the place with frequent personnel. It can establish good public relations, promote the business relationship, and help to reduce the alertness of consumers, compare the mind and defensive ability, and be able to buy with confidence
Topaz topaz is known as the "stone of friendship", which represents sincere and persistent love! The main function is to gather money. Symbol of wisdom and joy! Topaz is a symbol of intelligence and joy. It fills us with confidence, reduces fear, and removes guilt, so it's calming and calming for the more neurotic. Topaz is also effective for the pancreas and endocrine nervous system, and is essential for diabetics, as well as for swelling and stomach cramps. Because topaz is the master of wealth, it is an indispensable weapon for the stock family, especially the sphere, which has the effect of condensation. In addition to the financial position in the home, if often go to look at the dish, had better wear topaz hand beads is more effective