Aesthetics of coloured glaze
coloured glaze arts has a crystal clear gloss, changing color of magic and even the elusive and incredibly wonderful shape, optical and aesthetic clever fusion show with a psychedelic palace of art in the light and shadows intertwined, thus demonstratingthe endless rhythm and fun.
    She needs to complete the craftsmanship and the imagination of decent, just lying in there, but gives the impression that it is flowing, as if the dancers in the spotlight and exudes the charm of this Smart vitality, it is hard not to let anyone touched.
    coloured glaze arts crystal bright, elegant and noble, which is the fashion celebrities in love with the artwork of the main reasons of coloured glaze arts. coloured glaze arts art of beauty, not only reflected in the shape, structure, color, mood and quality of, is also reflected in the thinking of naming, copywriting ideas, creative ideas, the combination of the two coloured glaze arts works of elegant classical or fashion avant-garde style.
    A colored glaze arts have different features, color flow, carefully taste coloured glaze arts will be a different mood.
    1) to appreciate the lighting effects, especially the refraction of light from different angles, thickness and color, showing a three-dimensional visual effects.
    2) to appreciate the natural flow of the color, feel coloured glaze arts "breathing" in revealing the pure beauty.
    3) coloured glaze arts permeability, required a certain level and finish differences, otherwise it will lose its dynamic vitality.
    4) The perfect combination of feel the overall shape and color, beauty and creative ideas brought about by the beauty of artistic conception.
    5) from the process point of view to appreciate coloured glaze arts behind the national culture (folk) and structural characteristics.