Advantages and disadvantages of B to C platform and independent website
1. Advantages of the platform
Set up a shop on the platform, display commodities according to the rules of the platform, match transactions on the platform, and collect a certain commission, this is the platform model.
√ It's easy to get started.
√ The platform has a large amount of ready-to-use traffic, which is very high in terms of shopping intentions.
2. Disadvantages of the platform
√ There are many sellers of the same type on the platform selling products with highly similar functions and styles and very similar prices.
√ When products and brands have no advantages, it is easy to get lost in the mass information of products of the same category, and it is difficult to get consumers' attention.
√ Consumers on third-party platforms may not even notice your brand or store name when they buy your product, even if assigned by the platform algorithm.
√ For sellers, the vast majority of third-party platforms now preclude direct communication between sellers and consumers.
In addition, without sharing consumer data and contact information with sellers, platform sellers have no way to accumulate their own user data, and no way to make repeated sales in the future.
At the same time, marketing methods will also have certain limitations. Must strictly abide by the rules of the platform, it is difficult to have too much room to play in marketing.
Independent website
Then cross-border uncle to introduce the independent station!
1. You have the highest access to the site
√ You can operate and manage your website at will, without restricting your own marketing (such as bad reviews, picture format, picture sharpness, etc.) on traditional e-commerce platforms in China due to the limitations of the platform.
Maybe a few bad reviews can bring down the products and shops you have worked so hard for a month or two, or even a year or two. All the time, money and energy you have invested before will be wasted.
2. Independent stations have a broad market
The sales of independent stations are aimed at the global users, with a global population of 7.057 billion. All of them can become your customers, which weakens the market competitiveness to the greatest extent.
And can give all products the most suitable market, whether you want to do grocery stores, or vertical boutique station, can meet your market needs.
3. Super premium space
Because of China's unique advantages in manpower and e-commerce resources. We have very large and cheap sources (1688, Taobao, etc.).
In the traditional e-commerce model, under the premise of no factory cooperation, a product is also collected and sold from 1688. At the cost of 5 RMB, the selling price of 20 RMB through domestic e-commerce and other sales channels is very good, and the market competitiveness is very great.
Sold through independent stations, a domestic product with a cost of 5 yuan can definitely be considered as a low-price product when the price is 20 yuan (the premium space is higher in the case of factory cooperation).
4. Customer precipitation
Customer search records, all customer information, including customer Email. You can analyze customer site search records, analyze and change, adjust the site and products to achieve the best sales results.
Combined with email marketing, increase customer stickiness and reduce customer turnover.
5. No price comparison or recommendation
The independent station is your own, all the content of the station, are built through your operation, typesetting.
All the products in the station are your products. The customer pulls into the station and either buys or goes.
It will not lead to customer loss by recommending similar products, but also reduce customer choice and increase transaction rate.
6. Safety
Running a standalone site, you're less likely to worry about your site being blocked, which is a huge advantage over a platform.
In operation, more traffic entry is very important. Domestic e-commerce relies too much on platform traffic and does not have many traffic interfaces.
Independent sites have more traffic access, you can use FB advertising, Google search, internal blogs, Tik Tok, Youtube, EDM and other channels to attract traffic.