About coloured glaze and glass manufacturing process
More than two thousand years ago, in the Western Zhou Dynasty, our ancestors made glazed earrings by casting method, but this technique has not been passed down. Chinese ancient glass riddle, how to solve? The success of modern glaze techniques is the glory of the nation, which has since made Chinese glaze among the international art forest.
Coloured glaze is a work of art made with artificial crystal as raw material by dewaxing precision casting. The whole process needs to go through dozens of meticulous manual operation can be completed, a little negligence can cause failure or defects.
Chinese coloured glaze is the perfect combination of ancient Chinese culture and modern art. It is the delicate, delicate and implicit embodiment of Oriental, and the fusion of thoughts and feelings with art.
(I) Lengthy production process
From conception, design draft, sculpture three-dimensional prototype to the completion of the work, it needs to go through dozens of strict procedures to complete the whole process of more than two months.
(2) Handmade
Workers must master exquisite skills to operate, each process has its own variable factors, and in the process of trial and error, the color of the works are all the same, the production is extremely difficult.
(3) High temperature firing
All kinds of colored crystal glass are made by melting the selected raw materials at high temperature above 1400℃, and after several times of careful cleaning, the materials are placed in the mold according to the proportion of the works, and strict rise and drop curve is set. The furnace temperature must be controlled within 1000℃±5℃. The firing process lasts for more than 15 days, allowing the crystal material to flow precisely to every detail. Can ensure that the work is exquisite, three-dimensional, real, elegant streamline, clear.
(4) One copy
A mold can only fire one piece of work, can not be used twice, large complex works even need to open the mold, fire to complete. Low success rate makes the works more valuable and valuable. The limited release of works worldwide makes each work more collectable.
(5) bubbles of coloured glaze
Glass works should have artistic vitality, exist in the works of bubbles, more reiki. Bubble is the breath of glaze, which is the consensus in the field of glaze art.