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Double goldfish pen holder
Double goldfish pen holder
Product Name: Double goldfish pen holder
Code: VAS0015
Size: 190×80×120mm
About Goldfish (carp animal)
Goldfish and carp belong to the same species, in science with the same scientific name (Carassius auratus).
Goldfish originated in China, also known as the "golden carp" approximate carp (Cyprinus carpio), but no mouth to be, evolved from fish made of ornamental fish. Many goldfish varieties, colors are red, orange, purple, blue, ink, silver, streaky, etc., into the text species, grass, dragon species, four kinds of eggs. Genetic studies in the 12th century home of the goldfish has started, after a long cultivation, varieties constantly optimize, goldfish around the world are now directly or indirectly, by the introduction of China.
In the history of human civilization, China has been accompanied goldfish ten centuries of human life, is the world's oldest breed ornamental fish history. Goldfish easy to keep it singular figure, colorful, graceful form. Fish can beautify the environment, popular people's favorite, is unique to China ornamental fish.
In generations goldfish breeders efforts, China is still the world the goldfish between static and dynamic interpretation of the legendary beauty. Goldfish in our country folk, there is another argument, in some places every New Year, when every family bought two goldfish for the order Feast next year, every year more than. 
Body color 
Goldfish (5) of various colors goldfish, the dermis is mainly due to the many pigmented skin cells generated date pigment cells. Goldfish only three color components: black pigment cells, orange and yellow pigment cells and light blue reflective tissue. All of these ingredients are present in the wild carp. Domesticated goldfish bright body color changeable, it is only the combination of these three kinds of re-distribution of components, strength, density changes, or disappearance of which one, two or three components formed. [1]
Some individuals with different species of fish have different colors. Some fish of the same color in the same individual, within a certain range with the change of the background and change. This is a special living environment for the fish to adapt. This change, along with the different species, the ability to change color, the speed will vary. [1]
Particularly fish will change color, goldfish is one, discolored mainly affected the nervous system and the endocrine system controls the majority of color sensors rely mainly on the head of the nervous system. The main reason is to adapt to the environment of color, as well as other factors. For example, after irradiation by the electro-optical, it will put a certain color and markings displayed. When the fish were injured, sick or water of oxygen, poor water quality, the fish's body color will darken, lose their luster.
Head shape
  Lizhen Kai painting "Lotus and goldfish."
Chinese breeders around the head shape into tiger, lion, goose, high head, hat and frog head. These include the head shape, some of the same type, with different names throughout. If Beijing called tiger breeders in the south called the Lion's Head; in Beijing called the hat, in the south called high head or goose head. Here is named according to Professor Chen Zhen, head shape is divided into flat head, goose head and lion 3 types.
A flat head type: the head skin is thin and smooth, called flat head type. There are narrow and wide flat head flat head of the points.
2 goose head type: sarcoma thick bumps on the head, and both sides of the gill cover is thin and smooth.
3 lion type: head and both sides of the gill cover sarcoma are thick bulge, even when well-developed eye can cover.
In addition, the common name of the first type described are:
A lion's head: the head and sides of the gill cover sarcoma are thick bulge, even when well-developed eye can cover. There dorsal fin.
2 High Head: sarcoma thick bumps on the head, and both sides of the gill cover is thin and smooth. There dorsal fin. 
Beautiful goldfish (9) 3 Steller: gill cover and sides of the head are thick raised sarcoma, even when well-developed eye can cover, no dorsal fin.
4 goose: sarcoma thick bumps on the head, and both sides of the gill cover is thin and smooth. No dorsal fin.
5 birthday Head: A tiger, the top of the head protruding forward likeness Nanjixianweng head, so called longevity.
6 cat lion: A tiger's head sarcoma is very well developed, daisy-like main.
7 Ranchu head: A Steller's, bred by the Japanese. Founder sarcoma overlooking the front, there are two snout. However, when there is no Chinese side sarcoma tiger, lion, birthday head, cat lion sarcoma bulky, nor domestic first class sarcoma tumors significantly.
8 Crown Head: Crown pearl goldfish unique head tumors, smooth single sarcoma.
Goldfish (21) can be divided into the normal eye, longan, overturned eyes and blister.
1, the normal eye: eye with wild-type carp the same size as those referred to the normal eye.
2, longan: too much eye swollen and partly protrude beyond the orbit, the eye is called longan.
3, overturned the eye: eye and longan overturned similar large than the normal eye, the eye is also partially protrudes beyond the orbit, the difference is that the pupil of the eye upward overturned a 90-degree turn toward the sky. Another eye on the outside of the air with a translucent bubble size, the eye is called the air blister.
4 blister: This eye orbit and longan as big, but the eye but as with normal eyes small, lateral eyes with a translucent bubble size, this eye called blister. There is also a similar blister, just eyes and translucent small blisters, in the eyes of the abdomen to form only a small protrusions, much like the frog's head shape point from the surface, so called frog head, it was also known frog head .