Xiamen, China is building a new "Global Buddhist articles trading platform"
The 15th China Xiamen International Buddhist articles (Autumn) Exhibition opened on The 15th. After 15 years of market cultivation and development, the exhibition has formed a brand advantage of "large scale, complete categories, high grade and good reputation", and become a global professional trading platform for Buddhist supplies attracting professional buyers at home and abroad.
China Xiamen International Buddhist Supplies Exhibition was founded in 2006 and upgraded to a one-year spring and Autumn Double exhibition in 2013. With an exhibition area of 115,000 square meters, 5,500 international standard booths were set up, and more than 1,200 brand enterprises were gathered. Ten exhibition areas, including Buddhist shrines, temple buildings, incense utensils, candles and lamps, ritual objects, buddhist clothing embroidery, Buddhist creation, Zen home furnishing, arts and crafts and cultural creations, vegetarian and organic products, will fully display the best products of buddhist industry.
The Buddha statue is one of the most interesting exhibits in this exhibition, accounting for 21% of the total exhibits. Assemble all over the place, each school Buddha statue fine art, wood carving, jade carving, stone carving, clay sculpture, casting copper and other different materials, craft Of Buddha is all-inclusive. In addition to the traditional Buddha, there are also fusion of modern design of the beauty of the Buddha statue, become a new point of interest.
With the gradual revival of the ancient Incense culture in China, it has become a trend to taste and use incense. Xiamen Buddhist supplies exhibition has been committed to promote the inheritance and development of traditional incense culture, the exhibition of incense enterprises gathered in China's major incense production base, "passion, full of incense".
The autumn fair new "Buddha pavilion" creation, enable the newly built in 2019, as the 28th China golden grand theatre of main channel, hundred flowers film festival awards to "Buddha art skills, innovation," as the orientation, the national non-material cultural heritage, handicrafts, text creation, exquisite furnishing articles, etc., aims to create a space to show full of human feelings and artistic atmosphere.
In addition, the exhibition held 2020 China xiamen international vegetarian and organic products (fall) exhibition, the 2020 China international tea industry in xiamen (fall) expo and 2020 China xiamen international tea packing design (fall) exhibition, the exhibition content is richer, more diverse, both at home and abroad are expected to attract viewers to visit more than 200000 people.