U.S. bringing out Liuli corn "colors such as candy is gorgeous
Corn is one of the world's most widely distributed food crops cultivation history of an estimated 5,000 years old. According to U.S. media has reported, an agricultural products company (Seeds Trust) has a strange corn seed can be planted colorful color particles as Liuli beads, crystal clear corn.
It is reported that corn color is extremely gorgeous, but completely edible. According to the company's technical staff, the seed of "Liuli corn" is made ​​up by the company's seed Greg Schon. The Schön Not long ago, searching for the over 80-year-old who lives in Oklahoma, the Cherokee tribe, and the elderly there to get the magic "Liuli corn" seeds.
The "Liuli corn" such as candy-like color, and may attract a large number of children do not eat corn. Since the company announced on its home page Liuli corn, the people on this wonderful crop expressed great interest in the company's website once access to an excessive number of paralyzed.
Unfortunately, the company said, because too little cultivation, "Liuli corn" also can not be sold in the market