The sculpture city changchun is home to 705 African artworks
"You see this man covering his left face and putting out his right foot to be pressed. This is what we often say in traditional Chinese medicine, 'left disease right treatment'. So this part is really about the spread of TCM in Tanzania. Li songhua, a scholar of African culture and art and an overseas Chinese entrepreneur, stands next to the tree of life, a joint sculpture by him and African artists, to tell the audience about the Chinese elements behind the African sculpture. On the same day, the "2019 African fine art exhibition" held in changchun world sculpture park exhibited 439 pieces of maconde wood carvings and 266 paintings carved by top tanzanian sculpture masters such as Liteka. The artwork was donated by li songhua and his brother, li songhai. "The tree of life" is the largest and most precious work in the exhibition. It USES hollowing-out techniques to carve more than 100 small figures of various shapes on an ebony tree, showing the tenacity, simplicity and enthusiasm of the African people.
Li said the tree of life has another meaning. It reflects the exchanges and interactions between Chinese and African cultures. It is also a miniature of china-africa friendly exchanges and cooperation.
The MAKONDE, who live on the border between Tanzania and mozambique, are one of Africa's most artistically gifted peoples, and the tradition of "mancarving" has given rise to a large group of sculptors.
It is reported that li songhua visited Tanzania in the late 1980s and fell in love with its culture ever since. He also founded the maconde institute of art, which brings well-known local artists to the scene and employs young people as apprentices to help the local people inherit this ancient culture.
Changchun, China is known as the "sculpture city". Established in 2000, changchun world sculpture park brings together about 10,000 pieces (groups) of sculptures and various artistic works from more than 200 countries and regions on five continents.
"Changchun is our hometown, and we feel comfortable putting these artworks here." "Li said.