The 2nd China East Crystal Festival: 7,200 invitations to the abroad
The 2nd China East China Sea Crystal Festival was held in Donghai County from October 26 to 28, 2017.
The current festival made a total of 7,200 invitations to the people at home and abroad, the number of guests reached 4,800 people. Including foreign guests from Japan, Korea, Thailand, Singapore, the United States, Britain, France, Malaysia and Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and other 25 countries and regions; national ministries and commissions, provincial and municipal leaders a total of more than 200 guests attended the opening ceremony.
The opening ceremony of the second China Donghai Crystal Festival in 2500 young people, students performing large group gymnastics "Crystal Light" in the curtain, group gymnastics is divided into "Golden Drum Come on", "crystal bright", "youth melody" "Qunfang Zhengyan" four games, financial, dance, music, art in one, to show the people of the East China Sea in the reform and opening up the tide in the courage to forge ahead of the new spirit. In addition, the comedian Zhao Yan, laughing forest, singer Guan Mu village, Mou Xuanfu and other Chinese radio art troupe and the Shanghai opera dance theater artists to the East China Sea to perform, but also for the festival to add luster.
During the current Crystal Festival, Donghai County and domestic and foreign merchants signed a total of 1572 product sales contracts, with a total turnover of 546.58 million yuan. Among them, 233 copies of the spot contract, turnover of 172.43 million yuan; 1239 futures contracts, turnover of 374.51 million yuan, in all turnover, foreign trade reached 107 million yuan. At the same time with the home and abroad to discuss cooperation projects 134, the contracted foreign capital of 905,000 US dollars, the intention of the agreement foreign investment of 81.88 million US dollars.