Shandong boshan colored glaze now brilliance

Boshan District, Zibo City, Shandong Province is known as "the hometown of Chinese glazed glass". Boshan glazed glass began to be produced in batches in the Tang Dynasty. It has begun to take shape in the Ming Dynasty and has become a glass making center in the Qing Dynasty.
Sun Yunyi is the inheritor of the Shandong Provincial Intangible Cultural Heritage Representative Project-Boshan Chicken Oil Yellow and Chicken Liver Stone Glazed Roasting Techniques. Through decades of intensive research, not only has this cultural heritage become more glorious, It was also selected into the Shanghai Cooperation Summit to represent the cultural image of the country to foreign guests.
Sun Yunyi said that the formula and production process of the chicken glazed yellow glassware are very complicated, so the production success rate is very low. In order to innovate techniques and improve the success rate, Sun Yunyi kept looking for high-quality raw materials, thousands of trial and error, and invested huge costs. Over the past few years, the finished product rate of chicken glazed yellow glassware has gradually improved, and its color and purity have greatly improved.
As the level of works is getting higher and higher, the Palace Museum also cooperates with Sun Yunyi to use the chicken oil yellow glazed glass making technique to copy the Palace Relic cultural relics one by one.
At present, there are more than 5,000 employees in the glazed glass industry and more than 30 master studios in Boshan District. There are 13 key glazed glass production enterprises including Kanggan Glazed Glass, Xiye Workshop, Renli Cultural and Creative, and an annual output value of 48 million yuan.