Our country process crystal industry subdivision national standard will come out
National process crystal industry two subdivision national standard "craft crystal adornment picture" and "lamp ornament crystal glass hang piece" formally pass expert review, expect to come out soon.
At a national household glass from this standardization technique committee of crystal points learned technical committee meeting for the third time that craft crystal industry in our country two segment of the national standard "craft crystal decoration" and "lighting crystal pendant" formally through expert review, is expected to be formally launched soon.
It is understood that the process of crystal decoration "and" lighting crystal pendant "standard from craft crystal technology committee meeting for a second time to apply for drafting, after many in the industry before and after the discussion, the expert evaluation through after, will be submitted to the national standardization management committee for approval, once approved by can be implemented.
Fry gold experts how to make money for free accounts guide to guide the bank's gold and silver TD bank gold, gold and silver trading simulation software set the desktop market quotation tool "two standards to fill the blank of domestic technology standard in the field of crystal industry segments, reached domestic advanced level, the development of technology of crystal industry will play a positive role in promoting." Industry person points out, our country is daily glass production big country, export big country, consumer power. By the end of the 11th five-year plan, the output of China's daily glass industry reached 19.90 million tons, and the output value exceeded 120 billion yuan. The production enterprises are numerous, the product category is also rich variety, the craft and crystal glass products and other new material products develop rapidly. In recent years, 70 percent of crystal gifts from foreign gift consumers have come from China. In contrast, the national standard of China's process crystal industry has been long absent, which restricts the industry production, the sales standard and the upgrade of our craft crystal products.
Therefore, in August 2008, the national daily glass crystal points standardization technical committee craft technology committee in the "China crystal city" of zhejiang pujiang, responsible for national standards in the field of crystal products and testing process of revision work.
"Building a quality country and promoting the development of the industry, the national standards are the basis, and the national standards will become the consensus of the industry as soon as possible. The introduction of the series of national standards plays an important role in guiding China's craft crystal industry to go abroad. Industry experts stressed.