Liuli art more and more attention to high-end goods price as high as more than 100 million
In recent years, people regain the love of coloured glaze, coloured glaze collection is getting more and more attention, the value of coloured glaze collection is also getting higher and higher.
According to people who have collectors, although in recent years, more and more people begin to pay close attention to the colored glaze collection, market price frequently thousands or even tens of thousands of yuan of coloured glaze crafts are not rare, such as Japanese kagoshima produced samo cutting and kobe, kobe, Japan the produce cutting, are all the goods on international high-end luxury glass handicraft, cost up to tens of thousands of dollars or even more than 10, ten thousand yuan a. However, in the field of collection, as one of the "seven treasures" of Buddhism, the coloured glaze is far less well-known than jade and precious metals. In September last year in Beijing is held be called "Chinese coloured glaze the first is patted" coloured glaze special auction on, did not appear to expect day price.
Compared with those hot and cold collection, industry experts think glass has been a relatively stable state of the cold varieties, glass market is still in the slow heating up stage, its popularity is not as popular as jade and amber agate and other popular varieties, but not without appreciation of the collection. "On China's current market situation, the glass art market is still in the initial stage, mixed, the price from hundreds of yuan to tens of thousands of yuan, the future of its art, technology and brand benefits will gradually enter the public collection market, the development of the city after the market is worth buyers continued attention. Especially the limited edition works created by masters of coloured glaze, the space of value preservation and appreciation will be better. A collection auction expert said.

Source: global collection network