Help Ma Yun became the richest man in the office feng shui
Others and I talking about science, but I believe feng shui, and I adore feng shui. Alibaba set up seven branches is out of feng shui considerations. When we first rented offices in Hong Kong, I ran into a look, I said no, this high office positions, I say this is not good feng shui, in front of the company must be closed. Off a check in front of six companies, do not go. So your moving company, you have to check the front of that company is not a bad thing. - Alibaba Group
Why is the richest man richest man? Ma winning office feng shui Full Disclosure
WIND four white walls of this building 16 homes a small house nestled in the woods, down a total of eight. There are 202 rooms on the south facing windows of two air conditioning, a slightly larger, it should put something back. Third floor balcony full of flowers, a bunch of naughty green radish, hanging on the balcony room 202.
Room 202, the door looks very ordinary, middle pricked three transverse four main frame form a "Feng", which door did not paint, wood grain is also clearly visible, but some of the old. Ma said that when and small partners that is inside the door, outline their blueprint. Ma now has left more than a decade here, but the door has not been replaced.
2000 Ma the early days of the meeting held in the lakeside garden.
Lakeside Garden has become a shrine of Ali hearts.
Lakeside Garden District interior.
Ma office tall Trojan
Ma Like, how on the ground?
Marble. Engraved on stone Ma saying:. ". I am very cruel, more brutal tomorrow, day after tomorrow is better in a lot of people died tomorrow night, do not see the sun the day after tomorrow." "Entrepreneurs want to know the warmth of his left hand."
Western-style side arrayed office furniture, suitable for small meetings
The other side of them the Chinese style furniture and pen and ink, paper and ink
Bookshelves, and it has screen function, above put a lot of picture frames, Ma said, he had seen many successful companies in the world, found that the success of the CEO's office, front desk always wearing your favorite pictures of people, after hanging chairs are also business team, personal friend and other support to help their own people in the photos. The success of these entrepreneurs, because they are faced with a smile, happy day; because they have the most solid business growth backing.
Two pairs of photos on the shelves, the figure is Ma APEC caricature.
Feng Shui is the way you get to this place you know, this team has a problem, the performance in the fall, you first have to analyze it is a business problem? Or what is the problem? And so you know the problem of the time. Sometimes change feng shui say, someone said this is not good feng shui, the location took office put it. In fact, sometimes it is a mood, of course, your office design is unreasonable, is wrong.
When we first rented offices in Hong Kong, I ran into a look, I said no, this is not good feng shui, I said before that the company will closed. A check in front off the six companies, do not go. So your moving company, you have to check the front of that company is not a bad thing.
When the business opened, it is destined to have bad luck with, mostly because the office was not selected. "Many companies just opened, not a few people, in an upscale office building, he rented a large office. Thus, recruited people to see this stand, will feel that the company is certainly good, good in Here development, will come out on top. "Ma analysis said," This gives new employees to the company's psychological expectations too high. Over time, this company will become fewer and fewer people, and finally, not survive. "
Ma said, most of our branch offices are in the cell room settlements. Why? Let all employees know, come on, is to do the big, the small branch office units moved to the area's most advanced office.