Gift Crystal gift of knowledge and the moral of all kinds of crystal
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Crystal products, with its crystal clear transparent, noble and elegant, bright features, and unique fashion and elegance, much loved by the people since ancient times. But also because the crystal crafts with high appreciation value and collection value, it is now crystal gifts gifts to send off a boom. Thus, to understand the classification of crystal products, as well as the significance of crystal gifts must-see, for the giver is very helpful.
Crystal products, is defined by the crystal material ornament. In the modern home life, bright crystal products, with its unique style and elegant expression of a special passion and artistic taste, much love since ancient times. Ambilight, it's crystal clear is gorgeous to describe. With an exquisite crystal crafts therein implies whimsy and complex manual process, is many people's favorite art-loving.
Now, the major classification Crystal Crafts Crystal trophy, Crystal laser, crystal vases, crystal pen, crystal perfume bottles, crystal bowls, crystal chopsticks, Crystal paintings, screens, crystal ball, crystal office supplies, and so a few hundreds of classes ten thousand kinds of styles. Here to explain in detail the classification of crystal products.
Press material is divided into natural and artificial crystal gifts crystal gifts, then the corresponding production of fine crystal grades can be subdivided; according to the production process is divided into white embryo crystal gifts, crystal image gifts, crystal sculpture gifts; divided according to purpose decorative crystal office supplies, crystal ornaments, crystal ornaments, crystal ornaments, crystal ashtrays, crystal perfume bottles, crystal picture frames;
Up points by forming crystal music boxes, crystal Lunar New Year series, crystal trophies series, crystal medal series, Crystal Office Decoration, crystal pen series, crystal tableware series, crystal tea sets, crystal lamps, crystal lamp, crystal chandelier, crystal vases, crystal tableware series, Crystal Iceberg Series, crystal video series, crystal disc series.
Because of the special crystal, crystal ancient times it has been making all kinds of jewelry of fine material. There are all kinds of crystal jewelry we know the crystal necklace, crystal bracelets, crystal pendants, crystal bracelets, crystal phone pendant and so on. Today, people use the advanced crystal production process produced a crystal image, common crafts crystal trophy, crystal engraving, crystal medal, crystal perfume bottles and so on.
Different crystal, have different characteristics, efficacy and role, so before the gift or the best gifts you want to understand clearly the object is needed after what kind of crystal products, then gifts. So as to achieve the true role of gifts, both happy. So, to understand the meaning of different crystals represent, must-see is the significance of crystal gifts.
Colorless crystal: on behalf of pure, selfless. Can improve people's aura, drive out distractions.
Purple Crystal: Representative romance, marriage. Color noble.
Yellow crystal: on behalf of wealth, Fortune.
Brown crystal: on behalf of sound, Aetna.
Green Crystal: on behalf of justice and development.
Phantom crystal: on behalf of Giro positive, cause Xing.
White Ghost Crystal: on behalf of clean, for spirituality.
Red Ghost Crystal: on behalf of the cause of development, wealth prosperity.
Blond: beauty, supreme.
Red hair crystal: a warm, lively.
Huangfa Jing: flourishing, thriving.
Black crystal: Partial financial, solution Eritrea.
Green hair crystal: happiness, good luck.
Silver-haired Crystal: wood Wang, evil
What are the advantages of crystal products is what is so special? Many of my friends liked to send gifts crystal, pure crystal, generous, beautiful young men and women can send special body. Crystal Crafts is a colorless and transparent quartz crystal minerals. Its main chemical is silica, with ordinary sand is a substance "with a womb," the. When the time is perfect crystalline silica crystal; after dehydration is agate gelled silica; colloidal silica water after solidification become opal; silica grains at less than a few microns, on the formation of chalcedony, flint, secondary quartzite. Crystal Crafts crystal perfect crystal is a hexagonal system, often hexagonal prism, cylinder as a sharp tip or two, many links in a long cylinder, known as Druze, beautiful and spectacular.
? What is crystal relatively popular argument is: crystal clear watery but quartz single crystal. This includes two meanings: First, the crystal is very transparent (clear watery); Second, quartz crystal is a single crystal. But one member of the quartz crystal visible within the family. Depending on the temperature of the formation, quartz is divided into low temperature quartz (at 573 ° C the following form), high temperature quartz.
Natural large crystal small, usually man-made, using a single crystal form transparent colorless quartz when heated to 2000 ℃, the production of advanced products, lenses and other by cutting, grinding and other methods, although the use of crystal production products are resistant high temperature, wear-resistant, less susceptible to acid corrosion and other properties, but its high cost, low processing efficiency, but in real life, "Crystal Crafts" is glass, transparent crystal glue resin and other plastic products processing of these crystal plastic Transparency is very good, looks like crystal, easy to manufacture, easy to purchase raw materials, the price is cheap, we can produce large quantities of machinery to be home by hand. Operation: First plexiglass monomer filled in the enamel container, according to the ratio of the plexiglass plate was dissolved with stirring in the monomer evenly, then add dibutyl phthalate, azobisisobutyronitrile, and mixing evenly, After removing the air bubbles generated when stirred, then tuned slurry polymerization filled into the model, a model obtained after the transparent plexiglass finished product slightly transparent if you want a variety of colors, can be added in a small amount of organic ingredients pigment, mixing the product to get prepared colorful effect. If you want to make all kinds of mold with imitation amber crafts, to advance a variety of small-scale model of the selected biological specimens, coins, toys, etc. (the mold) in the slurry perfusion to a little park back to the middle of the mold half, then fill the mold cavity. Also can be placed in one-time mold and then pouring crystal products.