Get knowledge about business gifts
In today's business affairs gifts plays an important role. Business gifts, Americans call special advertising, promotional advertising, brand communication and establish the most direct corporate image advertising. Suitable gifts both expressed intention, letting the other party does not accept the self-advertisement, propaganda or promotional effect, indeed, favored by many businesses. In general, business gifts are divided into four categories: the gifts, public relations gifts, promotional gifts, festival gifts. This division, covering almost all forms of purpose and a gift of great benefit to companies in the commercial operation of the process.
The "gift" everywhere
We live in a talk about "gift" of the environment, if you do not speak, "gift", is simply unable to move, to be cast aside. To ask for gifts, liaison to gifts, "to dress", "people do not blame", which is an ancient Chinese maxim, it is still very useful today.
Survey research indicates that Japanese products has been able to successfully play the US market, one of the most secret weapon is the Japanese small gifts. In other words, the Japanese are used to open the US market, small gifts, small gifts played an invaluable role in business communication.
Today commercial society, "profit" and "ritual" are linked, often "profit", "ritual" associated, after the first "gift", "benefit", the "gift" only "profit", which has become Communication of general rules of Commerce. In this respect the truth is not difficult, the challenge is in operation, your effort is home gifts, can not be done somewhere, they can move people. This is the key to business gifts.
Now, many large companies have specialized in the computer store, the relationship between some of the major companies, the relationship between people's identity, to hobby status, date of birth has been recorded, holidays, or the appropriate day, there is always a routine special gift .
Why do companies want to give business gifts? According to a survey, the main reason is the appreciation of others (61%), in second place because by good wishes to develop business relations (34%). Half of respondents in Christmas gifts, nearly a third of people on special occasions. More and more companies recognize the business activities of gifts is not only advertising, but also an important aspect of interaction.
Many people think that gifts mainly expressed gratitude to customers, so that the existing relations have been further strengthened. Savvy companies often purchase after regular customers, and customers to lunch or dinner, or after other activities, gifts to customers. Business gifts can play a role in advertising, thanks to achieve the purpose, but also to consolidate and strengthen the existing good relations between the company and customers. Role for promotional gifts, can promote the sale of goods, while deepening the brand image, advertising has played a
Bring success in business gifts
Business Activities exchanging gifts is itself a big business. Gift choices convey powerful, sophisticated knowledge and interest and other information. It can improve the company's image, but also damage the company's image. From the Chairman of the Board of gifts presented to the ad with gifts, such commercial gift selection and gift not an easy thing, American companies spent on business dealings gifts annual cost of up to four billion US dollars.
Get Business Gifts is not the size, in your heart you let customers know him. Even expressed gratitude to the company, but does not cause the acceptance of gifts by embarrassment. Most people buy gifts for business contacts are pens, calendars, pocket calculators, briefcase, etc., on such gifts can have a company logo. Some other choices include watches and clocks, wine, diary, knife, glass, fruit, jackets and so on.
Shanghai recently part of the company survey showed that companies in the gift business gift 47% answered "effective" or "very effective" and another 39% believed that at least "somewhat effective" and only 2% The company believes gift of no benefit.
Business gifts principles
In fact, business gifts has become an art and skill, from the time and place have to choose gifts, are a very expensive thing people wanted. A professional manager, then very representative: I think the effectiveness of business gifts is based on the usefulness of the gift to the recipient. If the free gift broke the desktop tidy, or no use, may have a negative effect gifts. If the free gift is often need it, the customer will often think of gift or gift company.
Business gifts is a kind of advertising and promotion purposes, and mass media advertising is different. Companies regardless of their size, they expect a free gift is considered to have a private nature. To ensure gifts plan to achieve the intended purpose, which includes selecting objects, decide what gift according to different objects, whether engraved name on the gift, how and when to distribute gifts.
Exactly how the gift business gifts, to grasp the following principles:
1. Select different depending on the value of the gift by gift person.
The subject's taste different gifts, carefully selected gifts.
3. Select the best gift of opportunity, giving the left a deeper impression.
The free gift to be good quality, applicability, durability.
5. Let the best gift a more personal nature, specificity.
6. The gift package to be refined and beautiful, attractive.
7. If possible, personally or sent specifically to distribute gifts.
8. Choose Get different occasions according to the gift purposes. Gifts such as for home use to the recipient of the best at home, rather than in the office.
Timing of business gifts
Most gift giver that the choice of a gift of time is very important. According to the latest survey showed that for most companies, the choice of Chinese New Year, New Year's Day, Mid-Autumn Festival, Christmas is still the most popular approach, but also have a choice of the new company was founded, the company's founding, a large customer's birthday, an important sector When leaders need public relations, thank you get when seeking to provide business information, thanks to a co-worker or friend to a business opportunity to introduce to you, thank person, excluding interest in the work to help you, congratulate someone rising, you subordinates or have the business people get married, have children, birthday, and other serious illness beginning more time.
Some companies face the customary gift to customers, such as trade fairs, promotional days and orders will be like. A US manufacturing company spokesman said: "When we choose a gift related to the production line, the customers to visit the factory, we gift them with gifts to entice us to send gifts to make them recall visits, and gifts from the band. home. steak knife for us it is an excellent gift, because it is our own production of material made at the meeting we sell orders stainless steel pen as a gift, engraved with the company logo on the pen, which will so that customers will always remember our company, they carry such a high quality pen and pride. "
PR trick to avoid the embarrassment of gifts is the gift of technology
Some people visit each other home until the departure, to remember that send gifts, gifts come in the door, but because the owner of humility, courtesy and refused to accept, then drag in the door, quite embarrassed. How to avoid this situation occur? Goes to the door, chatted a few gifts on offer, so it will not appear awkward situation because the other party does not accept gifts of courtesy. If you missed the timing of the gift at the door, it may be seated in the rear, the owner sent tea time. In this case, not only does not interrupt the keen interest of the original conversation, but also increase another topic.
Late birthday or Christmas, although a little late lost their significance. However, in some cases, there may not be conscious of deferred gifts to time is not a good idea.
People generally before accepting the invitation and send a wedding gift wedding. However, relatives and friends can contribute to the bride said, "I think, when you get down to sending a gift to you, so that I will know what you really need, you say that all right?" The girls are very fond of it.
Unexpected "surprise" is often pre-arranged "peace basket" After sailing ship was sent to the cabin, gave him a small gift friends journey back, which will make people feel more warm.