From large-scale shadow empress to the founder of Chinese glazed art
Brigitte Lin everyone will not be strange, worthy of the goddess. And Lin qingxia mentions in the book "she", it is to once win award twice golden horse empress, be popular for a few generations of people, make the goddess Lin qingxia is surprised for the goddess of heaven - Yang huishan. Yang huishan and qin han, Lin qingxia group photo
Is this, bright eyes good gaze, smile ying ying woman. I think most people born in the 1980s and 1990s are confused. Never heard of her fame! Didn't you have a name? That's a big mistake!
It's not that she hasn't become famous, but that she has. The transparency of the sculpture,
Let Yang huishan be amazed at its beauty. Asking where they came from surprised her:
All of these glazed artworks come from abroad, none from China. Check again, in the development of modern Chinese craft, this creation space is unexpectedly "zero"! And in bai juyi's poem: "the coloured glaze that coloured cloud easily scattereth coloured glaze is crisp", go up with foreign stream actually is called glass. Coloured glaze
Coloured glaze is the name of glass in ancient China, the Chinese coloured glaze art has a long history, the earliest recorded in the shang and zhou dynasties, coloured glaze of a variety of colors, the ancients also called it "five color stone". To the han dynasty, the production level of colored glaze has been quite mature.
As a national intangible cultural heritage, colored glaze technology is facing the danger of being lost.
Yang huishan decided to create China's glazed art, and in the process to find inner peace,
They sold three houses and mortgaged six to fund it.
Two people with funds to buy a kiln workshop, to this hut through the wind leakage named "glass workshop"
In the early days of their business, Yang huishan and zhang yi had to pay for a house almost every year.
At the same time, they are more overwhelmed by the unfamiliar production technology, which let them suffer.
In the case that temperature, material and method are all unknown, they did not give up, but chose to accumulate experience in practice and consulting. In order to successfully fire a perfect glazed work,
Yang huishan and zhang yi fight on the body of all the chips. As long as three and a half years, from the net worth on the debt tens of millions of millions still did not complete a work, she burned glass in the backyard filled a more than 10 square meters meters deep pit, she called "tomb." In the early days of the glass house, friends advised them, "don't do this, simply immigrate to the United States, live leisurely life is much better.
That was not the life she wanted. She wanted to leave something for China.
Regardless of whether the workshop can be successful, regardless of whether they can make money in the end, they can set up a kind of value to the society, a kind of model, even if they have nothing, they will not affect the pride in their hearts.
By chance, zhang yi read the production method of "glazed powder dewaxing casting". The method can accurately copy and produce colored glaze products in large quantities, and at the same time, it can restore almost one hundred percent of the shape of the glass workshop. They bought kilns from a closed factory and copied and practised step by step according to the book.
In 1989, Yang huishan and zhang yi came to the United States New York experimental glass studio to study. Eager to learn, they pay a whopping $2, 000 an hour for individual demonstrations.
In addition to seeing, hearing and writing, Yang huishan and zhang yi also have a tape recorder and camera ready with them. A year and a half later, their first glazed work, a head of Buddha, was born. By this time, Yang and zhang owed more than nt $75 million, or more than 100,000 yuan a month in interest. Continuous glass creation, let her sleep more than 30 years of art cells gradually wake up.
From no teacher self-study, from scratch, to day and night forget the once bright, dusty step by step forward. In three and a half years, she finally developed all the techniques of "glazed powder dewaxing casting".
In 1991, the couple was invited to bring their work to a world trade fair in Japan.
In fact, dewaxing techniques were developed in China more than 2,000 years ago, according to a conversation between the couple and the famous Japanese collector, changxiong youshui. Suggest that they go to see the glass cups unearthed from the tomb of king jing of zhongshan in the western han dynasty in mancheng county, hebei province. And before the couple has been bingxin said: glass originated in Egypt, the 19th century in France. The original art as early as 2200 years ago, was mastered by our country, but later lost, and the couple inadvertently it was revived, this two people were shocked.