Culture into the homes of public art trade Glory open innovation model , Wen Exchange
Warring States Period, an NCM can priceless , thousands of years of history today is creating a lot of valuable cultural artefacts . In many people 's eyes, seems to have been confined to the field of culture and art professionals and capitalists ; However, with the development of the times , this concept will gradually be changed and replaced.
Popular culture behind the art trade : a huge value-added space
China Yan Huang Art Culture Assets and Equity Exchange Limited ( hereinafter referred to as Yanhuang Culture Exchange ) is a large transaction volumes in Beijing cultural artefacts , but also one of the more famous trading platform , where the start of the monthly literary treasure called "quantity large high prices . " According to the data provided by the transaction and reporters to learn about the situation , the market can use the popular word to describe.
The kind of cultural artefacts covering a very wide , including the ages of famous paintings , sculpture pottery, jade jade , ancient furniture , handicrafts and so on. In Yanhuang Culture Exchange , involving aspects of culture and art has been further extended , as the film culture copyrights and other intellectual property rights, cultural and creative projects beneficial investment , equity trading of cultural products , cultural industries and cultural property investment fund trading index this category virtual art and culture but also focus on the development of the business transaction .
Reporters learned from the Yanhuang Culture Exchange , although the recent turnover of the business, there is no lack of cultural artefacts for private buyers interested in buying collections , but more people might start with the ultimate goal of cultural artefacts or for investment. "Art Treasures to buy a home can increase the aura , this should be put out for people to enjoy , but many people are not easily seen by others treasure them . Shows that they are not genuine collectors and art lovers of culture , just as the literary product made an asset of value-added investment products . "
For this phenomenon, a well-known art collection market expert explained : "The global economy is increasingly prevalent inflationary pressures intensify the contradictions , money in the bank is bound to devalue the currency to convert to a high value of in-kind and precious metals and so it has become a way of increasing the value of the hoard many people choose to purchase gold and silver is a widely accepted investment channels , but the yield is already approaching stability ; while yields in recent years, the domestic cultural artefacts has close to 20% , much higher than other types of investment . driven by the interests , people began to keen on trading transactions cultural artefacts , also created a hot market situation . "
Capital market is constantly changing , cultural art trade now, although relatively hot , but it will not appear as such before tea Xianyanghouyi stir chaos it after expert analysis , said: ? "Cultural art unlike tea and other products, which itself contains a rich cultural heritage and added value , it will not be like after tea as prices soared and plummeted , but if some of the cultural artefacts is excessive speculation , the price reached incredible heights , investors should be aware of not rush to start since it is the investment value , there must be a risk , but the risk of cultural artefacts trading transactions relative to other industries or to small lot , which is why keen to invest in art collections of the phenomenon can last for so many years . "
The new trading culture of art , so the general public by way of investment involved
Even an ordinary antiques, as long as it is genuine , the prices are the hundreds of thousands . If you are a celebrity used , the price will be higher. And like and Tian Meiyu , so precious jade stones jade, the price per gram of gold can reach ten times . High value of cultural artefacts , the general public does not seem to afford the investment , she says .
For many cultural art trade center , their target customer is "the rich , the big boss" , as it has already been eliminating small people outside the field of view ; however Yanhuang Culture Exchange opinion, whether it is big capitalists or small investors , should be the cultural art market participants . Ordinary people should not just only in the side to watch the " crowd ."
So, how to make hands and not so much money to start with any one of the cultural artefacts of the people directly involved in the transaction in this market to do so discerning Yanhuang Culture Exchange gesture opened up a new road - ? Cultural artefacts Securities and Exchange .
Securities and Exchange we are not familiar , the number of Chinese investors is as high as 150 million . " Cultural artefacts into the stock certificates volume areas , specific measures for implementation of the relevant cultural artefacts is split into property securities , to get the relevant Exchange traded in such a transaction , the transaction is marked genuine works of art and culture the quality problem, we must bear responsibility for the securities firm . while ordinary investors can withdraw at any time after a gain , very flexible. securities and Exchange through cultural artefacts , art and culture can be the perfect combination of financial capital , the formation of a Chinese original capital mode of operation . " Yanhuang culture Exchange Road.
For such transactions , investment experts also analyze the advantages of them : " Even ordinary investors can afford cultural artefacts , it may not be able to distinguish the authenticity of the good or bad, it will directly be part of the investor in this transaction blocking door outside , while the Securities and Exchange theatrical goods , securities trader can ensure that the value of art products through professional means , and because it is directly linked to his own interests , which eliminates the amateur investor concerns. Additionally, scattered investors can come in small capital directly involved , you can get the same profit-sharing , greatly reducing the investment risks and barriers of culture and art . "